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Thai Tea Cha Thai is a great choice for those who love to brew Thai Tea in their home. This Thai Tea Cha Thai is widely used in most Thai restaurants, thanks to its beautiful flavor and orange color. Net weight 13 oz. Ingredients: Tea leaves, FD&C Yellow #.6 Product of Thailand.

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Warning – Contains an Artificial Food Coloring that can cause health issues

I haven’t had Thai tea in several years because the restaurants make it too sweet. I purchased this one and a green tea version. I had the green tea version and I developed a migraine that required medical treatment. I totally missed that both teas contained FD&C Yellow 6 food coloring, also known as Sunset Yellow. It is not listed on Amazon’s description for this tea, but it is on the package if you look at the picture closely. I later learned that it can have several potential health issues. There have been calls for the withdrawal of Sunset Yellow from food use from the British Food Standards Agency. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has requested the FDA ban it in the USA. Sunset Yellow is banned in Norway and Finland. I have gotten migraines from other artificial food additives, mostly artificial sweeteners and food preservatives. I try to be careful, so I only blame myself. I read every review, but didn’t look at the photo for this one. The green tea version had it listed in the description, which I didn’t read that closely. Its package had a sticker over the ingredients, so I didn’t notice it before I drank it. Beware before you buy. If you are looking for a healthy drink, this isn’t it.
AyakoBellamy, VA


This Tea Is very Very Good! My Husband and I drink it ALL THE TIME it is easy to make and a lot less expensive then 3.50 a glass at Thai places. I sweeten it with sugar and sweetened condensed milk and then add half and half, heavy cream or even just milk to it!
my recipe is 1/4 cup tea to 4 cups of boiling water and then after it steeps about 10 minutes I strain it and add 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup condensed milk and chill it in the fridge. When I serve it I mix it with half milk and a little cream on top. you can also add ice if you want to drink it right after making it or to water it down a bit. I make it in my french press. Its a great drink!!
KenishaBucyrus, OH

The Best Flavored Thai Tea

This is the best flavored thai tea. Would definitely recommend it! You can’t beat the price for the quality of the tea.
IldaParker City, IN

Finally found it!

Been looking around for some time to find authentic Thai tea and this is the best, just like they serve in the better Thai restaurants. I make it like I do coffee, in my coffee maker, and it’s great hot or cold. If you like Thai tea, this is how you make it at home!
KyleeKinsley, KS

Great Tea

It’s Thai tea. Tastes like thai tea. just boil, strain, and enjoy. Add cream for another type of flavor. and Ice for more flavor.
TamaRutledge, AL

This is the Real Thing!

Just like at your favorite Thai restaraunt! Hot or iced, with cream and sugar…Deliceous. I brew it in the drip coffee maker. About 1TBS per cup of water…you may prefer a different ratio…Enjoy!
DeidraConcordia, MO

Will save you a lot of money

I love Thai iced tea, which is why I get excited every time I see it on a restaurant menu. But, I rarely get it because too often it can cost $3 or more which for a drink is pretty expensive if you plan on buying these frequently. So I decided to try my hand at making my own and saving myself some bucks which turned out to be a great decision. Buy this bag of Thai tea leaves, steep in boiling water, filter out the leaves with a strainer lined with a coffee filter, chill the tea, add condensed milk, put in a sippy cup, prop cup against your pillow, and enjoy your drink as you fall asleep at night without having to worry about spilling it when you wake up the next morning. It’s affordable and doable. Only downside is that now that I can have it whenever the drink has lost some of its appeal since it is no longer a challenge to get. First world problems.
MerlenePoulan, GA

Just what I was looking for!

This is the flavor profile I was looking for, very nice, not super strong but not weak at all. Making it by the pitcherfull and serving it “light” all summer. I’m subbing coconut milk for the half and half (refrigerated kind, not the canned) and Stevia in the raw (use whatever sweetener you like). Fabulous! 🙂
AracelisGreen River, UT

This Thai Tea has artificial food coloring added.

Did you know that FD & C Yellow No. 6 are banned from human consumption in Europe? In fact, there are at least 6 food colorings are that have been banned in Europe. Google it!

I’m surprised that cheap products like this add harmful ingredients to it. It would cost the companies less money and be more healthy to Americans if they simply omitted all food coloring from their products.

CherrieStockton, IA


My favorite Thai restaurant closed, leaving a huge Thai iced tea void in my life. I recently purchased this, and my wife and I just can’t get enough. If you love Thai iced tea, I highly recommend this brand.
DeloraFlag Pond, TN

tasty…but not so impressed with the dye

I haven’t tried the tea in restaurants, but the friend I bought it for said that it tastes just as good as the restaurant stuff. We made it 1tbsp tea to 1 cup water, with 1 tbsp sugar added in. We steeped this for 10 min, and then cooled it and poured over ice. Add in a splash of evaporated milk, and a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk and it was delicious.

I’m just a little disappointed that the ingredients read “tea, yellow dye”. Is all thai tea made with yellow dye? Or is there another ingredient that usually makes it this colour?

DerrickBrookport, IL