10 Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahitian Vanilla beans are generally shorter, plumper, and contain a much higher oil and water content than Bourbon beans. The aroma is flowery, fruity and anisic with a smooth flavor. They are often described as smelling like licorice, cherries, or wine. Gourmet and pastry chefs love to work with the Tahitensis variety, which are perfect for many applications.

Quick facts

  • Length: 16-17cm (approx 6-7 inches)
  • Color: Black, Very Dark Brown
  • Place of Origin: Papua New Guinea
  • Botanical Name: Vanilla Tahitenis (TAHITIAN)
  • Fragrance: Fruity and floral

Top reviews

Not sure yet… but look great

Can’t beat the price. The beans come shrink-wrapped without a bottle or other resealable container, so I haven’t yet opened to sniff and appreciate the aroma. I wish that the shipping container would be suited to keeping 10 beans fresh.
They look lovely: large, plump pods. They arrived quickly. I am guessing that I will be happy with these and order from this company again. Price and service left me fully satisfied. However, I can’t comfortably rate them until I actually use them.This rating is partially a guess so I can let future customers considering these beans know about the lack of resealable container and the pleasing appearance.
RefugioPhoenix, AZ

Wonderful, fresh vanilla beans, reasonably priced, from a great vendor

These beans come in a vacuum-sealed package to preserve freshness, and it works extremely well–all the beans that Beanilla sells are moist and plump with a wonderful texture and scent. There are multiple terrific flavors that you can get from Beanilla, but Tahitian is one that I knew well from buying it in extract form in the past. My Tahitian extract was extremely expensive, and I doled it out little by little and made it last for years. Then I discovered the fun and easy process of do-it-yourself vanilla extract, and a world of gourmet-cooking possibilities has opened up to me. My most frequent use of my vanilla extract is for homemade ice cream using my Vita-Mix. It adds an amazing extra zing to the taste that is just delicious.

I had never made my own vanilla extract before I ordered from Beanilla. Their customer service is superb, and one of their representatives told me by email how to make vanilla extract when I asked, and he also explained why one might want to make his/her own vanilla extract. When you make your own, you can be 100% sure exactly what has gone into the extract, which is not always the case with some types of vanilla extract that you buy pre-made. It is also cheaper and a lot of fun to make your own.

Here is the technique for making vanilla extract spelled out in detail for anyone who has not tried it before, and I have uploaded photos demonstrating these steps:

1. Assemble kitchen scissors, good quality vodka, a clean, dark-glass jar (I save all my empty vitamin jars), a funnel, a spoon, something to label the jar, such as a self-sticking label.
2. Remove the beans from the package. Cut each bean lengthwise in half. Then cut the beans horizontally into pieces small enough to fit in the jar and easily be covered by vodka.
3. Place the bean pieces in the jar.
4. Pour 1/2 cup of vodka into the jar per every 3 beans (for 10 beans, it would be a little over 1-1/2 cup). Then tamp down the beans so that all bean parts are covered by the vodka.
5. Put the lid on the jar and label the jar with this information: what kind of vanilla bean you used, the date, the amount of vodka you used in ounces (or whatever measure you prefer), and the number of beans you used, then place the jar in a cool, dry place like a kitchen cabinet (I put mine with my spices).
6. Every week or so shake the jar.
7. After 8 weeks, the vanilla extract is ready to use.

TempieWye Mills, MD

NOT Recommended

10 Tahitian Vanilla Beans were received not as described. Vanilla Beans are promoted to be “Length: 16-17cm (approx 6-7 inches)” and I received 10 Tahitian Vanilla Beans with length of 5 1/4 inches, The beans are totally dried and not moist. Seller refused to refund them.
DioneSebastian, FL

Wonderful vanilla

The only critic that I have is with the packaging which has no auto-reseal and that would be necessary for this product as it needs to stay fresh.
RoselleVerona, WI

Vanilla beans

I am becoming a home made icecream snob. There is nothing like freshly made icecream using premium ingredients. Vanilla beans are far superior to extract – there is no comparison. To relese the flavor use a custard recipie for the icecream and add the beans and pods when you heat the custard mixture, cool overnight in the fidge then churn the next day – EXCELLENT. The Tahitian beans are milder and a bit fruity compared to the more common Madagascar vanilla beans. Will be sending another order to this seller shortly – excellent product, well packed, and delivered on time.
DorthaVaughnsville, OH

Extra Crispy Vanilla Beans

I received my vanilla beans today. In anticipation of receiving my beans I got all my ice cream making equipment together and ready to go. Unfortunately what I received was extra crispy, dried out vanilla beans. The aroma is still there but they aren’t fresh at all. The literally look and feel like someone deep fried them. I was wondering how these people could sell $6.00 vanilla beans, but I guess your better off paying the $15.00 for 2 beans at the store.
MaricruzMerry Point, VA

Best Vanilla Beans ever

I love these vanilla beans. Very soft and full of vanilla specks, fragrant and flavorful! The ones in the grocery store are hard, stale and EXPENSIVE! I made home made vanilla extract and it is delicious in all my recipes! Try it!I […]
OleneGlen Campbell, PA


I’ve used these in custard, mousse, and whipped cream so far. Everything has turned out beautifully… despite the low price, I found nothing lacking in quality. Good stuff- will purchase again!
LiliDorothy, WV

looks yummy!

My beans arrived quickly and packedged safely in a bubble mailer. They smell wonderful and look as I’d hoped. I have not yet tried them, but from their appearance and scent I expect them to be great! They were not vac. packed, though, just an FYI. I put mine into an air-tight jar right away.
SanoraNespelem, WA

Great Price

The beans arrived promptly, and were decent quality, especially for the price. I’m using them to make extract- so far, so good.
AnisaMill Creek, CA

Exotic, Floral-Flavored Vanilla Beans

Tahitian vanilla beans don’t taste at all like “vanilla” to me. They impart an exotic floral flavor, that makes me think of flowers growing in a lush Tahitian rain forest. Probably the unusual flavor shouldn’t have surprised me, because Tahitian beans are not only grown in a different climate from the usual “Bourbon” vanilla beans (grown in Madagascar or Mexico), but they also come from a plant that is a hybrid of the Bourbon vanilla plant and another totally different strain of vanilla plant.

However, my “Tahitian Vanilla” ice cream is tasty, and it’s a fun variation on regular vanilla ice cream! These high-quality Tahitian beans are plump and moist, and contain lots of tiny vanilla seeds. The seeds are slightly harder to remove from the pods than the seeds of Bourbon vanilla beans. Also, the Tahitian beans are slightly shorter and flatter than Bourbon vanilla beans. In recipes, one Tahitian vanilla bean is the equivalent of one Bourbon vanilla bean, but your recipe will not taste the same. For beans that have regular vanilla flavor, check out Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Award Winning Mexican Vanilla Beans. The Mexican beans are my personal favorites.

KaleighClarksburg, PA


After searching the internet for fresh vanilla beans, I found them right here on my favorite shopping site and ordered them. Nine times out of ten, I only buy directly from Amazon, […]I am so glad I did! I just received the beans and they are extremely fragrant, plump, moist, and pliable. I’m very pleased with this purchase and I will definitely be buying from this seller again.
MarkParnell, MO

I love Vanilla!

I love the packaging! soo cute! the vanilla is very fresh,the smell is so strong! i like this purchase!Thank you Beanilla!
MichikoMadisonburg, PA


Fragrant and delishous, added beautiful flavor to my homemade ice cream. Will definitely order again and again. I also ordered the madagascar vanilla beans. Awesome as well but the Tahitian vanilla bean is a totally different flavor. I love it.
DagmarRidge Spring, SC

MMmmm, Vanilla…

I ordered these beans to make my own vanilla extract. The beans were shipped right away and were at my door before I was ready. They smelled wonderful! I am so excited to try out my extract, it is steeping as I type. There wasn’t one thing to be disappointed about. The beans were moist out of the package and very nice looking. The quality was apparent. I will order this same product again.
KatheyFreeport, TX

I would order them again…

The beans were packaged nicely and seem very fresh. Can’t beat the price. I’m making vanilla extract and have so far used it in one recipe and it tasted great. I would (will) order these beans again, or possibly try other beans from the same company.
SanjuanitaPanola, AL

Best Vanilla Beans Around!!

I got the vanilla beans way before the estimated date, so that was a plus. I used them that same night in hot chocolate with soy milk. They are very fresh and were not overly dry and hard but instead moist. I was able to cut right through them and remove the inside with no problems at all. I use vanilla beans in a lot of my dishes so being able to get good quality vanilla beans in such a short time is a pleasure! I will be buying more vanilla beans from Beanilla! + they are organic 😀
JeffieSilver Point, TN

Great beans!

Got these in the mail – vacuum sealed and nicely packaged. Used them to make creme brulee, and it tasted great!
EleanoraPelican Lake, WI