100% Organic Cacao Powder by Tisano

We work direct with the farmers to ensure fair trade prices are paid and sustainable farming practices are implemented. We are involved across the value chain; buy, export, import, package, distribute and sell direct. We work hands on with processors to ensure low temperature processing and use an artisan expeller press to produce our powder and butter at low temperatures to keep the antioxidant power of this delicate superfood at a record high. Criollo & Trinitario cacao beans are the rarest comprising about 10% of world supply, also known as aroma beans, they have delicate flavor tones, such as berries and nuts, very low acidity and full chocolate flavor.

Quick facts

  • Organically Certified, GMO-Free, Vegan Friendly, Dairy Free
  • ***Single Origin Bean Guaranteed***
  • Cold Pressed – Expeller Pressed
  • Natures greatest source of Antioxidants!!! (ORAC)
  • Flavor Tones – pure chocolate flavor, spices and red berry undertones

Top reviews

Best powder i have tried. no acidity

Bought a pack of this on ebay recently,WONDERFUL texture and flavor, I use this in my power shakes along with the cocoa butter in the morning and it leaves a wonderful rich creamy flavor packed with antioxidants. This company is the first and only to import organic certified cacao from venezuela, trader joes had a chocolate bar i loved called Ocumare and the stop selling it, this cacao is made from the same bean. Awesome flavor, no acidity. I love it.
LaquitaBranford, CT

great product!

I really love Tisano organic cacao powder. After searching thru different product reviews and descriptions, I’ve chosen this one and like it a lot! I add a spoonfull of it to my morning cup of coffee. It smells great, tastes very rich and chocolaty, has a delicious and smooth flavor. I’m a chocoholic, and can tell a good cacao product from great. Highly recommend it. I’m ordering another pack right now. Enjoy!!
SylvesterLake Oswego, OR


This is a good raw cacao. No strange taste or texture. I wish it was somewhat richer so I’ll keep looking at other brands. But for the price, pretty good.
MinhSparks, NE

Excellent taste; lower acid

I love cacao and chocolate, but only eat organic. I’ve tried a number of different organic cacao powders–both “raw”/cold-processed, and hot processed. So far, Tisano organic cacao powder is the best tasting one of those I’ve tried. And it definitely appears to have a lower acid content than others I’ve tried. My only complaint: I wish it didn’t cost $16/lb! I can’t afford that high a cost on a regular basis, so Tisano will be in my “special treat” category from time to time. The only problem is that when it’s in the house, I lose my self-control and want to have a cup of hot cacao every day instead of only as a special treat. So the only way I can control myself is to not order it!

In addition to producing great tasting certified organic cacao, Tisano gets props from me for direct sourcing their cacao beans from farm cooperatives committed to sustainable farming. Other facts about their cacao: sourced from Venezuelan Criollo single beans; cold-pressed–no roasting of the beans

MylesAmes, NE

Stop your search Now!

This is incredible Cacao, look no further if you are in search of an Organic non-alkalized raw powder. This is from Venezuela and is of the Crillo variety (rarest beans). Do yourself a favor and order it, I’m on my second bag.
GarlandArchie, MO


I had tried another raw cacao powder before, but I prefer the taste of this one. I use it in smoothies and also for the “sin free chocolate pudding” video found in youtube.
TildaDuck, WV

Better than the rest

This is my second time purchasing cacao powder, and I decided to go with Tisano. The biggest difference I noticed was this actually smelled like raw cocoa unlike the other brand which smelled heavily of fermentation. The taste was delicious in my smoothies after I got the portions correct. From what I can tell this is a very solid product.

Hopefully they can continue to offer Prime shipping in the future.

EfrainJoyce, LA