100 Pcs Fortune Cookies Fresh Single Wrap

Case of 100 individually wrapped for food services , unique special recipe Bring good fortune, get your lucky numbers and learn Chinese while enjoying your dinner Product of USA

Quick facts

  • Special Events: excellent gift for any occasion. Holidays, Birthdays, Parties, Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary, etc
  • These traditional treats are crispy and sweet with a special message hidden inside

Top reviews


its funny how i told my husband that i was buying 100 fortune cookies on amazon for a project of mine and he goes, “WOW thats a lot of cookies!!” then when it showed up it was in a meduim size box and when opened i said, “WOW…thats 100 cookies?” haha i didnt count them but im sure they are all there haha it just didnt look like what we imagined haha they are yummy and full of great fortunes!
MillieBartow, FL

not what i expected

when i ordered this i expected a big box full of fortune cookies like the one in the pcture, nonetheless, when i got it it was very small and the fortune cookies tasted weird. they were okay, but not he best i had ever had.
SaraiRichmond, IN

Not Golden Bowl!

These were NOT Golden Bowl. Specifically ordered this item because they are described as being Golden Bowl. Instead they taste like paper. Will not order again.
LilliamRonda, NC