12 Noon To Midnight Rouge Sparkling Beverage 25.4 oz

12 Rouge. Alcohol free culinary beverage created by leading chefs. Delicious all natural beverage made from organic green, white and black teas, fruit juices, herbs, spices and sparkling water.

Quick facts

  • 12 ~ Noon to Midnight
  • Delicious Culinary Beverage
  • Non Alcoholic
  • Sparkling ~ All Natural
  • Made with organic red, white and black teas, fruit juice, herbs, spices and sparkling water

Top reviews

Tasty Beverage is a Real Treat!

12 Noon to Midnight Rouge, is a non-alcoholic beverage that is elegant in texture, tone, and taste! I truly enjoy the distinct flavors in this beverage. The light carbonation enhances the taste of the fruit juice and teas. I enjoy this drink with steak, brats, and roasted chicken, among other items. It is excellent and especially refreshing on a hot, summer day.
OleviaCleveland, NM