12 NtM BLANC Citrus Ginger Sparkling Tea Beverage 25.4 Ounce

Twelve is a fresh, sophisticated, alcohol free beverage made from select organic white, green and black teas, herbs and natural juices that has been created and inspired by fine culinary minds. Twelve complements food and is equally enjoyable on its own from noon to midnight.

Quick facts

  • Net quantity of 25.4 ounces
  • A fresh beverage made from select organic white, green and black teas, herbs and natural juice
  • Contains exotic spices, herbs and citrus essence
  • Alcohol free beverage
  • Complements food and enjoyable on its own

Top reviews

Nice sipper

I thought it was good. Sometimes you want to have a nice beverage at night that isn’t soda and isn’t alcohol. Not too sweet, slightly fruity with that mildly harder taste on your pallette. I’m going to pick it up again.
JeannieWarsaw, MN

“100 % of what you want… outstanding

I’m pleasantly surprised! This is actually delicious, with just the right amount of carbonation. Although there is no added sugar, the drink is sweet, but not too sweet. 100% juice. 100% of the RDA for Vitamin C. No artificial colors nor preservatives. One caveat . .
Good things come in small packages!! This is an excellent non-soda thirst quencher. No sugar but an outstanding taste!!

1 – Awesome flavor
2 – 100% fruit juice
3 – No sugar
4 – No other bad ingredients
5 – Has carbonation”great tasting healthy alternative to soda”

As someone who does not drink pop/soda, but loves sparkling water products (such as Perrier), I was pleasantly surprised by this beverage. Typically, I do not like sweet drinks, but because this is only mildly sweet, and all natural, I really found it refreshing.

OlgaSpring Valley, MN