14oz Dark Chocolate Turtle Turtles Certified Kosher-dairy

Made with 73% cocoa dark chocolate, soft creamy caramel, and high quality pecans. The turtle shape offers a whimsical play on the traditional “turtle”. The rich texture of the dark chocolate and caramel are nicely contrasted by the crunchiness of the pecans. Certified Kosher-dairy and certified Halal

Quick facts

  • Made in small batches to ensure highest quality
  • Kosher Certified Chocolate
  • Perfect for a gift, snack, or just a way to say thank you
  • 73% cocoa dark chocolate
  • 40 turtles per 14oz package

Top reviews

cute, and super yummy

I ordered these for my mom for Mother’s Day. The shipping was phenominally fast, and the chocolates arrived in perfect condition. I think this might become a Mother’s Day tradition.
SaturninaRome, PA

These Turtles Were Not Slow

I ordered these chocolates for a farewell party because turtles have special meaning for the coworker who was leaving. If they hadn’t arrived in time, the gesture would have been lost. Turtles to the rescue! They arrived with time to spare, and were deliciously dark and flavorful. Thanks!
DorlaStockholm, ME