15 Ct Pork Skin Earz – Part #: DT014

” Field tested for two years and results prove dogs like this type pork skin 9-to-1 over rawhide. Digestible, rawhide is not. Patented process (all natural) not like other pork skin. Pork Skin Size15 COUNT Color BROWN” BCI – 475637

Quick facts

  • Digestible, rawhide is not. Patented process (all natural) not like other pork skin.

Top reviews

Scott Pet “Pork Earz” are GREAT!!

Unlike the other reviewer here (who obviously has little experience with this product) and a very unusual dog, I, on the other hand have been through HUNDREDS of these wonderful treats with my dogs.

They are formed and roasted (baked) pork skin which is very healthy (97% protein, 4% fat) and 100% digestible!

Scott Pet Products are only the BEST quality, which is one reason they don’t sell rawhide of ANY kind!

DorseyCambridge, ID

5-dog Verdict: “No Thanks”

All 5 of our dogs don’t like them! Even the two teething puppies leave them alone. Four of our dogs are Australian Shepherd, one is a mixed-breed Chow.
LindseyWest Brookfield, MA

Don’t buy these

We bought a 30 pack of Pork Earz and my whippet wouldn’t touch them. I even tried hiding some beef in one to get him to try it, and it wasn’t worth it to him to eat it to get the beef. They smell so horrible he was pushing it away from him.
AshelySwartz Creek, MI

Please dont buy these for your dog

There are not real pigs ears but some kind of manufactured ears out of Pork skin and chemicals. My dog wouldnt eat them..they smell awful like a chemical smell…we thought maybe he just had to get used to them…left one in his cage..after a week he gnawed on it..eating about 1/3 rd of it and proceeded to vomit all over his cage…..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE any product such as this which is “made in China” should be a red flag I wished I had seen before I fed my poor dog these things. Arent there enough pigs ears in America?
AnibalPointe A La Hache, LA