15pc Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates Certified Kosher-dairy

This assortment box brings together many flavors allowing you to taste a wide variety of confectionery delights. Box flavors come in both milk and dark chocolate and include Caramel, Crisp, Peanut Butter Cup, Peanut Cluster, Raisin Cluster, Raspberry Cream, Solid, and Strawberry Cream. Certified Kosher-dairy and certified Halal

Quick facts

  • Made in small batches to ensure highest quality
  • Kosher Certified Chocolate
  • Perfect for a gift, snack, or just a way to say thank you
  • 15 piece assorted milk and dark chocolates

Top reviews

Really, really chocolate!

I ordered these along with the chocolate covered dates. They’re pretty good, but no where close to as delicious as the dates. Lang’s does a superb job of packaging. This is a significant consideration given our location in south Florida. Lang ships the chocolates quickly in styrofoam with a cooler bag. You are assured of receiving the product in good shape. I highly recommend this seller.
CornellDolores, CO