18 Columbian Supremo Viennese Roast Unflavored Java Podz Individually-Wrapped Gourmet Coffee Pods

A medium roast, delivering smooth yet rich coffee flavor. Java Podz are 100% Arabica Bean Coffee Pods which are compatible with the Cuisinart, Gevalia, Bunn, Home Cafe and many other single-serve coffee brewers. Each pod contains 10 grams of premium coffee which brews a full 8 ounce cup of smooth, full-bodied coffee.

Quick facts

  • 10 gram pod, brews an 8 ounce cup.
  • Smooth delicious flavor.
  • Each pod is individually-wrapped with oxygen removed to ensure freshness for over 18 months.
  • Java Podz are compatible with the Home Cafe, Bunn and other single-serve pod coffee (NOT Keurig or Tassimo).

Top reviews

Javapodz Don’t Fit in Senseo

Just received my order of 2 boxes of 10 podz each. I bought Columbian Supremo. I have a Senseo pod coffee maker.

When I put my first podz in the Senseo, I thought “Gee the podz looks a little small”. I was right. The podz was too small to be pressed tight so some of the hot water bypassed the podz. I could see right away that it was coming out weak.

I don’t give up easily. I put the second podz in a make-your-own plastic pod container. I had to stuff it in a little but it fit and sealed well so all the hot water went through the coffee podz instead of bypassing it. The coffee came out much stronger by sight.

Now for a review of the taste which is obviously very subjective. First I should say that I like strong coffee (ever since a trip to Europe several years ago). Strangely, I do not particularly like Starbucks coffee because it seems bitter to my taste. Judging by the millions of Starbucks devotees my taste preference is not in the majority. Well if you like Starbucks you will probably like the podz flavor. It seems a little bitter. Now of course this is only one flavor so I don’t know about other flavors.

If the vendor is monitoring this review, he/she should change the podz description to qualify which coffee makers can use these podz.

ParticiaNorman, NE