18 Rabbits Haute Diggity Date, Organic Granola Bar, 1.9-Ounce Bars

Chewy, hearty, comforting and subtly sweet, after just one Date with this raisin-studded darling you’ll fall in love. The toasty coconut and pecans from our Gracious Granola bring out caramel notes for a smooth and satisfying breakfast or snack. This is one relationship that will nourish and uplift you long after the first bite. To read the 18 Rabbits Story, please visit http://18rabbits.com.

Quick facts

  • Pack of Twelve, 1.9-Ounce (Total of 22.8-Ounce)
  • USDA Organic; Certified Kosher
  • Free of Wheat, Corn, and Soy
  • No added sweeteners or refined sugars
  • Very low sodium; Good source of fiber

Top reviews

Stale…very stale

I had these bars before in a Dallas coffee shop and they were wonderful. I was happy to find them on Amazon, but when they arrive they were hard as a rock. After chewing them about a minute they softened up – but they were not very fresh tasting. They were within their expiration date, so not sure why they were so stale.
GeorgetteManchester, CT

Perfect Taste

I got one of these bars with another product I got from a different company. It was a surprise and I am very glad it happened. That was a year ago. Since then I have bought and loved these bars. They sit with you just right and have the most delectable texture. That’s not even mentioning the flavor, which is amazing.

I’ll say this up front, I DON’T like dates. Or raisins. With this in mind, let me tell you that I love these bars. The perfect combination of ingredients and customer care you feel is fantastic.

Love these guys!

MignonMaxwell, IA

Something delicious you don’t have to feel too guilty about!

These have recently become my favorite snack bar and I’m completely hooked. They are delicious and reasonably guilt-free. I definitely recommend them for people who care about what they put into their bodies but also want snacks that taste good. These are basically like soft yet crunchy oatmeal cookies with extra fruit and nuts in them.. so tasty! You will have to be careful though, they are definitely addictive!
FreddieDundalk, MD

Unbelievably good

There are a million different snack bars out there. The ones from Divinely D’lish are unique and in a class by themselves. I discovered them at the farmer’s market in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. One taste and I was hooked for life.

Since then, they have found their way into local shops here on the peninsula in the Bay Area. But now that they are available online at Amazon, anyone anywhere can enjoy them.

The ingredient list is simple, straightforward, healthy and impressive. No GMO, no trans fats, unsulphered dried fruit, an emphasis on organic. They look like someone took tons of different kinds of grains (but they’re wheat-free), seeds and nuts and mashed them together with dates, raisins, syrup, coconut. You can see every seed – nothing is pulverized and there’s no flour filler. They’re soft, but the nuts and seeds give them an oh-so-satisfying crunch.

I heat them up very slightly and they taste like the most heavenly fresh baked cookies imaginable. My husband’s favorite is the Cheeky Cherry Chocolate but since I try and steer clear of chocolate, my favorite is the Haute Diggity Date. He packs them on long business trips to help him over jet lag. I pack them as gifts for my east coast friends instead of the See’s candy I used to bring. People seem to really appreciate something good to eat they don’t have to feel guilty about.

The only negative – and it’s a big one – is it’s almost impossible to exercise moderation with these things. Even if you can buy them locally here in the Bay Area, you might as well buy them online by the box. They’ll be gone in a flash.

CandraBethlehem, PA

Amazing flavor and texture

These 18 Rabbits bars are the perfect combination of ingredients, texture and flavor. They are soft and this combination of dates and granola is perfect. Best bar out there, by far, highly recommend!
VanesaDudley, NC

18 Rabbits Haute Diggity Date Bar

The product was delivered on time and was fresh when it arrived. Sometimes that consistency of the bars change from shipment to shipment. Some are harder than others, but all fresh are good.
GwendolynWest Stockbridge, MA

Love these bars

18 Rabbits makes the best granola bars in my opinion. My favorites are the Haute Diggity Date and the Nibblin’ Apricot. The fact that it is simple and organic is important to me, but I wouldn’t eat it if it didn’t taste good, too.
HectorPlymouth, NE

Holy Moly

I like quick easy breakfasts, to the point that for awhile I was just skipping breakfast because I’m too lazy to fix anything. So I’ve gotten myself into the habit of grabbing a bar of some sort on my way out.

Problem is, 99% of the bars out there are either bland, or dry, or overly processed garbage. I found that I quickly got sick of whichever one I was currently on and reverted to just skipping breakfast. Tried Fiber One for awhile, then Cliffe, then a friend turned me on to KIND bars which were a big upgrade taste wise but quickly got old (I also suspect they’ve been changing their formulas as all their bars taste more and more like all peanuts), then Larabar which was good but a bit too sweet and guey. All the bars, even the better Kind and Larabars, had one thing in common in that I was basically forcing myself to shove them down my throat on the way to work each morning so I wouldn’t skip breakfast. They were all “ok” as a quick convenient snack and when compared against similarly convenient food that’s not an outright candybar, but none of them were really what I’d consider “good” in a broader sense.

Then I stumbled on these 18 Rabbits on Amazon – holy moly! These things are awesome. I would eat these willingly over a lot of cookies or candy bars or other snack foods. They are legitimately good when judged in the broader category of “food”, not just good when compared to other bars.

They are a bit pricey, but I don’t really care because they’re worth it. And kind of high in calories, which doesn’t really matter to me because I’m using these as more of a meal replacement than a snack.

They are by far the best of the convenient, prepackaged bars that I’ve tried thus far, and I’m not sure I have any reason to keep trying others now so will likely be the best I find period.

SharylShamrock, OK

The best granola bar

Haute Diggity Date is the best granola bar ever! I tried the other 18 Rabbits but this one is my very favorite. My children love it too! I shared them with some of my friends and they all love it too.
ArchieLightfoot, VA

Great gluten free nutrition bars!

Finally, there is a nutrition bar that is wheat free and delicious. I am so excited! I decided to delete gluten from my diet 13 years ago. It was the best
nutrition decision I have ever made. These wheat free bars are delicious! Since I deleted gluten from my diet by my own choice, my system cannot handle anything
with gluten. Also, Uno Pizzeria has a gluten free pizza which is delizioso. Buon appetito!!
AdrianaDouglas, OK

Great Healthy Product

I am a golfer and I use this as an energy bar when I am on the course. These are great healthly products. Thank you.
NellyMira Loma, CA

Protein bars

I was looking for a protein bar/snack without yogurt, chocolate, The best granola bar ever without the wheat!. Chewy not dry. Great flavor with seeds, nuts, dates. Great before and after a workout! Great wake up snack in the middle of the day!
RobertGlen Alpine, NC

Great granola bar

I love the 18 Rabbits product. I tried a couple of their flavors and I like the ones w/ dates and raisins and the other with dried cherries. Their bars are very simple, not overly sweet. It’s truly like eating very good granola that is held together with honey. They aren’t very filling, but make a nice in between meal snack.
LoganGrant Town, WV

No Sugar Rush Amazing Taste!

I tried these bars yesterday for the first time. They’re delicious and I don’t get a dreaded sugar rush. I recently gave up eating candy and sweets and could not eat granola bars before. The other brands don’t compare to this one, I’m ordering three boxes and placing them in my car, desk at work and kitchen for the family. I live in San Francisco and read about the owner the company is doing great work. Spreading the joy of healthy whole food. I recently had a baby and eating healthy is hard, if your tired of cardboard tasting granola bars and corn syrup, then try these bars.
SabrinaCreston, IL


Bought one at the local grocery. Bought a case from Amazon. Reordering now. Yummeeee
OnieTroy, IN