1lb 4pk 6-7″ Bone

Rawhide exercises your dog’s jaws, helps to promote dental health, and helps to entertain your dogs natural chewing instincts.

Quick facts

  • Tartar Control
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Satisfies dog’s natural urge to chew
  • Treats For Dogs
  • Delicious treats dogs love

Top reviews

Worst company to deal with

I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks and still have not got any information or tracking on my order. I have tried to contact this company and am also still waiting on a response. I also found the 24″ rawhide on another site for half the price and received my order in three days. By far the worst company to deal with, they don’t seem to care about their customers in my opinion.
AnastasiaShelbina, MO

My dogs LOVE these

I have bought these large rawhides for my two large dogs (shepherd/st. bernard and lab/retriever) and they last for several days to weeks and the dogs just love running around with them more than with smaller ones. However, they can be messy on carpet.
AbbieBasin, MT

Puppy Loves It But Eats It Too Fast

My 45 lb lab mix loves these 24″ rawhide bones but they only last 48 hours at best. She’s like a wood chipper when she gets going. So according to her it is a 5 star product based on how much she loves it. But in my judgement it is sort of expensive for 2 days of chewing. I will buy this product occasionally but will seek a more economical alternative. My guess is that most dogs will not chew it up as quickly.
NewtonLandrum, SC

Big bone

My dog loved this large bone! It actually lasted 2 weeks or so before it was gone.
CodyErin, NY


My Greater Swiss Mountain Dog didn’t know what to do with this bone at first b/c it was so massive. I ordered 3 of them and cannot believe the size. Well worth the money. Buy more so shipping is less! Will definitely purchase these again.
CaraMelcher, IA

More than expected

I ordered the 22 to 24 inch bone for my dog. It arrived quickly and was more like 36 to 40 inches which was nice. The dog really liked it. It costs a lot to ship so I would only go this route if you cant go to a store. (I am in Iraq) The company had great fast service, if they sell other things that ship cheaper than a 4 foot bone I will use them again.
MerilynEl Granada, CA

Big Bones for Big Dog

Ordered several 22″ to 24″ rawhide bones for my dag for the holidays and shipment was prompt… Even a ribbon on the bones for my Champ!!!
StarrOatman, AZ

Flaky and poor qualtiy large dog bones

I ordered these as I have ordered from Amazon 24 inch dog bones. These arrived and appeared to be the same however, definately were not. These came apart in little pieces and broke like potato chips. One of the primary reasons to order these bones is so they dont come apart in little pieces. They were paper thin amd broke apart in to smaller pieces way to easily.. These were definately a cheap poor imitation of the ones I recived before.. I will throw away the remaining 3 to avoid further probelms with my dog chocking on the small pieces….. Stay away from this seller…….
SookEngadine, MI

Good for big chewers

My mother’s dog (a black German Shepherd mix) will go through a “normal” sized rawhide chew in one night. So I got him this one. Weeks later one knuckle is still left and well chewed. So I think this is good value for the money. Warning, it IS very large. Give it to a Chihuahua and have your camcorder ready so you can post to YouTube. LOL
ErmaFalling Rock, WV

Great for aggressive chewers

I have a one year old lab/pit bull mix who will chew up a 10″ rawhide in a day. We’ve purchased two of these 24″ rawhide’s and they each lasted about a month.
RoseAshburn, MO

Just what I (and my dogs) needed

My two border collies can eat through 10-inch “rawhide rolls” in one evening (that’s one bone per dog). That gets expensive! These 24-inch bones with knotted ends are a better deal. I give one to each of my two dogs and the bones last 3 weeks. I ordered these at the end of September. Noticed the Amazon price went up by $1.72 per bone in October. Not happy with the price jump, but it’s still a better deal than the 10-inch bones.
RenatoMontrose, IL

Doesn’t last very long with a very aggressive chewer

I bought this 24″ rawhide because several reviewers said their dogs worked on it for a very long time. Unfortunately, this was not the case with my 100 lb. Labrodane. He was pulling off large shreds within 2 minutes, had it broken in half within 10 minutes and chewed one half down to the knot in less than an hour. While I don’t think this is a bad quality bone, the rawhide is not as thick as other bones I have purchased, which I am assuming is why he was able to tear it apart so fast.
EsterKettle River, MN

Awesome bone!

Got this for our retriever / doberman mix…she loved it! At first it was so large that I think she was a bit intimidated by it, but after a few days of coming up with an attack strategy she went right to town.

…and finished it in 3 days.

Typically a large rawhide lasts about 4-5 hours for her, so it was definitely a value. Also, it was hilarious to watch her run around the house holding onto it.

Bought it for one of our friends pitbulls too, it’s a great dog gift!

OdeliaBartelso, IL

Great for the price

Have a doberman mix that chews most bones in one night. This one will take a little while for her. Shipping was quick and the price was great compared to smaller bones for the same cost. Will be buying more.
BethDefiance, OH


We purchased two of the rawhide dog bones for our two dogs – we have a pitbull mix and a boxer, both who go through rawhides like they are going out of style. We had spent 30$ at Petsmart for a similar product, but they didnt enjoy the Petsmart ones as much as these ones. They went through these ones like CRAZY!!! I HIGHLY recommend them.
LaylaCanal Winchester, OH

LUCI likes them

Luci is park husky park Great Dane she is 100 pound dog and chews these up alot 1 week not tobad the other I bought from the name brand stores last 1 day
BobbyeGuayama, PR

Great for BIG dogs!

I have a 120lb. Rottie and he was so ecited when this bone came to him in the mail!!! It was a great size for him and he loved it!
CandraFoxboro, MA

happy about price more than anything

Shipping was fast! The bones are good quality. Some are smaller than others but, they are thick inside. My pitbull loves them! Saved 2/3’s by not paying $16-$20 each at pets stores. Will be buying them here from now on.
AileneSix Lakes, MI

Well worth buying the biggest for your large breed dog!

Kept my 9 month old Golden Retriever intimidated for 3 days trying to figure out how to handle this massive chew. After one week, he has chewed (maybe) 10% of the rawhide bone. I’ve purchased the typical rawhide chews only to see my money devoured in a day. This large, heavy rawhide chew keeps my Golden entertained for hours every day and is still going. Would highly recommend for your large breed dog who likes to chew, and chew, and chew.
GeralynPort Henry, NY

This is one big bone!

Our Siberian Husky loves to gnaw. She spends hours day after day chewing on this bone. It lasts a long time (much longer than any others that I’ve tried) so I think it is $ well spent. Keeps her busy and happy.
KarriIrene, TX

Fun dog bones ….

I have 2 Jack Russells and they love these bones…they are not small but not too big for them 🙂 they cant get enough and they last long and they dont smell after a few uses like other ones.
FayRudolph, OH

No complaints

The bones showed up quickly and were good quality. I have no complaints and would recommend the company and product.
LucienLafayette, LA