28-month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano

Nestled in the rolling green hills of Borgotaro, Emilia-Romagna (Annibale Giovanni Ferrari’s birthplace) this small cooperative produces a limited amount of Parmigiano Reggiano, so few that it took us three years to persuade them to allow us to sell their cheese in the U.S.! Parmigiano is made a strictly defined zone between Parma, Modena, Reggio-Emilia, Bologna and Mantua, where it has been produced for hundreds of years. A close knit network of 492 local caseificii in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia has been granted the right to produce the protected Parmigiano-Reggiano. The Caseificio Sociale di Borgotaro, dairy 3090, is widely recognized in Italian food circles as the finest producer of Parmigiano Reggiano. It is situated highest amongst the pre-Appenine grasslands. The dairy’s herds graze on nutritious, hearty grasses raised in the mountainous air. After the cows are milked, the cheesemakers at the Caseificio, breaking with tradition, insist on leaving much of the flavor-rich, high-fat cream in the whey, whereas most producers skim it off to sell it in liquid form, where it commands higher prices. Leaving a greater amount of this luscious mountain cream in the cheese creates a creamy Parmigiano with a clean milky palate and 28-month aging lends a pleasantly milky finish.

Quick facts

  • Air-freighted from the finest Parmgiano Reggiano dairy, #3090, of the 493 dairies
  • Italy’s “King of Cheeses”
  • Exquisite shaved over fresh asparagus, risotti or pasta

Top reviews

Excellent Cheese And Seller Too

I was a little leery about spending so much for cheese from a seller I didn’t know but decided to take a risk ! First let me say I live in Florida so was also a bit concerned about ordering perishables with the heat. I was correct in that concern as my cheese arrived as expensive gooey fat. I contacted the seller and was very pleased with their quick response and replacement of my cheese. It is excellent. Thank you A.G. Ferrari Foods for offering a very fine tasting cheese and for your prompt and stellar service.
DonaldRufe, OK

Second Order

This lasted about 5 months for our household only because of sheer willpower. The cheese was delicious with fruits (grapes and berries were my favorites) or thinly sliced or grated over salads. No bitter aftertaste and a cleaner finish than most P-R cheeses I’ve tried. I’m placing a second order. Delivery the first time was very timely and the product was in perfect condition.
TeishaBagley, WI

Delicious Parmesan

I’ve been searching for a really good parmesan for years. This cheese tastes just right. Pricey, but worth it.
VaughnCastaner, PR

Parmegiano is moldy

I expected a very special vacuum-package, but it arrived and seems to be a lazy hand made vacuum-package. I haven’t opened the package yet but I can look a “green mold” over one side of the Parmegiano. I’m really afraid to open an unknown mold that arrived in this delivery. In fact if my package arrived with some “green bread mold” in the Parmegiano, think on the room they packaged the other deliveries, the spores flying around that site… awful.

The bottom line, I will not buy neither a piece of bread from this provider.

BaoRaquette Lake, NY

Complete Satisfaction

I wanted to try this style cheese just to see what the fuss is all about on those cooking shows. I had bought super market deli Parmesan for years but it always tasted a bit flat to me. Just not exciting. Anyway I splurged, I’m an old guy and simply wanted to at least have tried the “good” stuff at least once. I typically use the cheese grated or shaved on salads or pasta. I was amazed this stuff is too good to waste on pasta or salads, It needs to be eaten freshly cut from the piece with sliced raw apple or pear. It’s to be savored slowly and with concentration. It is simply the best I’ve ever had, anywhere. I will use it on my salads and pasta but I will never be able to go back to the impersonators. Just for information the seller A. G. Ferrari Foods was perfect also but the cheese overshadows all else.
YadiraGold Creek, MT

Delicious Parmesan

Delicious Parmesan. Its hard to find the good stuff and I resorted to shopping online. It is expensive, but very good.
FrancescoWestport, KY

Awesome! I’m salivating just writing about it.

Buy this cheese and you won’t regret it. I’m also on my second order and the first 2 lbs only lasted a couple of weeks so I think that makes me a bonafide addict…don’t know if there’s support groups for this kind of thing.
RebekahNewtown, WV

Don’t wait until you win the lottery!

This Parmesan is far better than any I have found in any US deli! It was the favorite on a cheese tray which included some fine cheeses from France,Italy, and the US. We have also enjoyed it shaved on top of a green salad dressed with toasted walnut oil. (We call this “Amazon Salad” because of where we got the two starring ingredients.) We really enjoy it grated and mixed with butter and hot thin spaghetti. When my conscience bothers me, I switch to wole grain pasta!

Kudos to the seller. The cheese was very well-packed and we were informed by e-mail when the order was shipped, when it was due to arrive, and even after it had been delivered to our front door! We will surely order this again.

LauriceElim, AK