3 Green Dogs Multi Vitamins & Minerals Dog Supplement – 60 Tablets

A premium pet dietary supplement that incorporates a delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, and a proprietary blend of green antioxidants. These work synergistically to help maintain the total health of dogs of all ages, breeds, and activity levels. Chewable tablets provide the vital nutrients that dogs need for good general health. Dogs love the peanut butter taste.

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Top reviews

Just the BEST

I have done the research. You can not get a better vitamin for the price. Only the best for my dog. I have tried most of their products and are very satisfied with the results. I trust them with my dog. I will continue to buy their products and support a local rescue.
WalterDouglassville, PA


Great Stuff. I could tell a difference in my dog’s vitality and coat in a matter of days. If you love your dog you should consider this product.
EuniceKeiser, AR

Best quality pet vitamin I could find

I am just as concerned in the best quality vitamins and supplements for my pets as I am for myself. After a lot of online research I found 3 Green Dogs and their level of vitamins and the antioxidants is superior! Plus, apparently these taste good too because my dog loves them.
TameraWalton, OR

my dog loves these vitamins!!

My dog was having feeding issues—for some reason, he wasn’t willing to eat so I took him to my vet and we were able to figure it out and get his appetite back. In the meantime, he recommended the 3 green dog multivitamins, which was formulated by a vet and a nutritionist and contained vitamins and supplements, which he thought Lightning needed since he’d basically wouldn’t eat for weeks now. I was hesitant to try it as it is quite hard to give my dog any “medicine,” and I figured if the vitamins were anything like human vitamins, it was going to taste nasty and it was a fight I did not want to battle. To my surprise, when I opened the bottle, it smelled like peanut butter, which my dog LOVES. Awesome start. I gave it to Lightning and lo and behold, he loved it!! And wanted more! I was so happy that I had to hold myself back from giving him more than 1 a day. He loves it more than some of the “treats” we give him when he’s been good. I love it because I’m never sure he’s getting enough nutrition from the dog food and the supplements (alfalfa, spirulina, etc) sound like the stuff we would want for ourselves but wouldn’t know how much to give to our pets. Since this multivitamin is made by a vet AND a nutritionist and this brand was recommended by my vet (who is AMAZING), I feel completely at ease giving this to Lightning every day. He’s always been energetic and that hasn’t changed but I have noticed that his hair is shinier and he loves the taste. Highly recommended!
LoraineFenton, IL

3Green supplement

great product – my dog is more energetic and healthier, I think. This product was recommended to me by a pet boutique owner. Nothing but the best for my little guy!
YanBernie, MO

3 Green Dogs

These are the best vitamins you can buy for your dog. She loves them and it gives me peace of mind that I am taking good care of her. We have tried some of their other products and they are all great! I recommend them highly.
JeanColdspring, TX

Great for small and large dogs

I have 2 small dogs and one large dog, and both love these supplements! It must be the peanut butter flavor – they get excited whenever I take them out, as if I am about to feed them a treat…and I love giving my dogs something nutritious!

Can’t beat the price either – I actually cut each pill for the small dogs so each bottle goes a pretty long way!

MadgeLyndon Center, VT

Great product for my dogs!!

My vet prescribed these vitamins for my dogs. They are doing well and they love the taste. My dogs think they are treats!!! I wish my own vitamins were this good!!
ShaylaAllegany, NY