3-lbs. Christmas Fruit Cake from The Swiss Colony


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Great Ingrediants – old and dry

We must have received a fruitcake made a year ago – this was so dry, you could not slice it- it just crumbled. You could tell the ingrediants were of high quality.

Last year we purchased a Jane Parker fruitcake and it was great, unfortunately, the large ones are no longer available through amazon.com. In addition, the tin ( which my wife wanted ) was damaged in 2-3 placed – fedex is rough on things

AshleaCalumet, IA

Sorry no good

This fruit cake was just no good. It was even burnt on the top. I had to throw it away. The tTrappist Monk cake was better, and Collins Bakery is still the best.
SelmaOxford, NY

OMG…I’m in Heaven!

Since I’ve been from Europe and lived in Switzerland for a while it was no question about it whether I wanted to order this Swiss Colony Fruit Cake or not. Listen to me my Dears…please forget the American traditional sweets for a few days and enjoy this remarkably precious treasure. Give your taste buds a twist and see you guys in Paradise!! 🙂
EmilyOakham, MA