3 Musketeers Candy Bars, 2.13-Ounce Bars

Whipped up, fluffy chocolate-on-chocolate taste. 45% Less fat than average of the leading chocolate brands. Big on chocolate, not on fat! 8g Fat per 60g serving vs. 15g average for leading chocolate brands.

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E S S E N T I A L……..Y U M M I N E S S… ! ! ! !

AMAZON.COM seems right on target, listing this item under “Health and Personal Care”! Whilst others may consider this a mistake, (as I did at first), I got to thinking….WHY NOT list it under “Health amd Personal
Care”? The “health” ingredients in this scrumptious little candy bar are as natural as most un-organic food — especially candy — is today, Yes, I’ll admit that “sugar”, “corn syrup” and “hydrogenated palm kernal oil may not be the best for one’s diet….but they ARE natural products, not chemical facimilies. The other ingredients are natural too….the one exception being “artifical flavours”. Oh, well…the scrumptious flavour of this treat…plus the money one saves by not buying fancier and/or organic chocolate, (at least, not all the time), can easily make a person sleep better at night, as the thought of bank interest compounding, (or stocks going up, etc.), leads to more relaxation, and better sleep!

Also, “3 Musketters” has 45% less fat than other typical chocolate snacks!

So much for “Health” benefits of “3 Musketeers”!

And “Personal Care”? You bet! Eating one of these wonderous little bars makes one think one is eating a chocolate confection at the court of Louis XIV, Louis XV, or Louis XVI! (And or the courts of Peter The Great,
King Mongut of Siam….or any other monarch, or at the mansion of any rich and famous person of your choice!) It is SO easy to forget the “gourmet” quality of this smooth little treat, because it is so readily available in candy stores, mom-and-pop groceries, huge supermarkets, and online! However, the smoothness of this confection, and it’s sweet chocolate taste, should not be taken for granted! There is NO sticky nougat, and NO “pesky” nuts, to draw attention from the wonderful texture and magnificient flavour! (I have read that “Preppie” food is boneless…probably skinless and without fat, as well. No difficulty in prying meat or fish for the upper classes! So, too, can a readily-available “3 Musketeers” be considered an
“upper-class” treat, even if it doesn’t carry a huge price tag. Nothing interferes with “chewing pleasure”…it’s just “chocolate fluffiness”, covered with a darker chocolate topping!

(True, if you favour “rocky road” ice-cream, then “3 Musketeers” Bars may not be for you. But if you like your steak or fish fileted, and your flavour in your candy-bars to be sweet and true, ….THIS is your snack of choice….just as it is mine!) Deluxe, inexpensive….wow! What a bargain! And it even has the “OU” (highest-quality kosher) symbol on each wrapper, as well!

If you want to cut calories and fat still further…and/or want a second type of treat from your “3 Musketeers” bar, try “volumiizing” it. “Volumizing” is a calorie-cutting technique, which can easily be done with a “3 Musketters” Bar. Simply put some milk, (whole, skim or dry), intro a blender, add one or two “3 Musketters” bar(s), and whirl away! Presto….the best “Malt” available, outside of the ones I used to have in a neighbourhood, Brooklyn, NY candy-shop as a child! (In fact, you could even add malt, (Carnation Instant…also sold by Amazon.com), to make a super treat! Or place “3 Musketeers” bars inside a cake batter, for an additional taste experience! Recipes for this little gem of a snack seem endless! And no nougat, sticky caramel, or nuts, to get in the way!

One thing I miss from the “3 Musketeers” bars, as they now are packed, is a picture of Alexander Dumas’ 3 Musketeers, themselves, For, of course, it is from this novel that the candy bar gets its name. Althos, Porthos, D’Artagnon,….where art thou? Thy pictures surely USED to be on this bar! This scrumptious, easily-eaten fluffy little chocolate concoction, which surely would be at home in any French, or other Royal Court, reallt needs your pictures on it again!

In the meantime…..bite into this wonderful, easily eaten, chocolate confection masterpiece! Don’t let it’s wide availabily make you think of it as a common candy bar…for it is truly a gourmet treat!

DelmarIthaca, NY

The best candy bars ever!

As a chocoholic I enjoy 3 Musketeers more than any other candy bar. It also helps to have 45% less fat than the others!
PaulMillmont, PA