3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Salmon

3PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Salmon (18 oz.) by. Cardinal Laboratories, Inc. Cardinal Laboratories NEW Healthy Omega Treats allow your pet to indulge in a five layer treat that is packed with omega three and six fatty acids and essential antioxidants to help you pet to look and feel healthier.

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  • 3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats – Salmon (15 oz)
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Top reviews

My dog loves them!

I have a GSD/lab mix with a bazillion allergies. I’ve cut out just about every allergen (most of which was not for dogs anyway) in her diet. I feel fully comfortable giving her these treats, and she LOVES them.

For those people with severe allergy dogs, I want you to know that her itching has not stopped, just by using these treats. It is believed that she has environmental allergies too. However, the food allergy part (that was giving her massive ear infections) has, knock on wood, not returned. I also switched her food to Natural Choice Grain Free Venison and Potato, so I think that these treats, combined with her food, has been a success, even if she still itches.

Her itching is puzzling though because I did note a serious coat change when she started using these. It adds a teensy bit of an oily gloss and makes it look very healthy. Her “dandruff” has also disappeared, so it makes for a good moisturizer for dry skin, which is what I thought was causing the itching. Evidently not.

These are small treats, about 1″x0.5″. Though they are small, these are not good trainer treats due to the Omegas in them. These are just good old fashioned healthy snacks, like a human’s raw vegetable snack.

Okay, so all that said, check your prices. I have a 14-oz bag that I got at Petsmart on sale for about $8. That is significantly cheaper than here. Even if not on sale, I will buy them for all the reasons I’ve listed above.

I read a review on these that said there is no odor. Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but there is a definite odor and it is not a pleasant one. It’s not a powerful scent, but it is definitely there. Keep in mind that stinky dog treats are treats your dog will likely prefer over those that don’t stink. After all they’re dogs. They like stinky stuff. lol!

I wanted to also mention that I see at their website (which is actually cardinalpet) that they do NOT use any Diamond facilities, in case any were wondering. I cannot vouch for that, but is just another FYI. Also, and this is fair warning, it says that they are a ‘Product of China’.

I noticed that Amazon does not give you very much information on the treats here, so let me give you what you’re probably wanting to know, since I just happen to have a pack sitting right here.

I think Amazon should require food sellers to provide nutritional data for humans and pet food. Don’t you? It’s too bad we have to do that for them. 🙁

== Per their package (none of these are my comments) ==

Salmon, sweet potato, cod, cane sugar, glycerin, salt, potassium sorbate and mixed tocopherals (vitamin E).

These dog treats are designed and formulated using 100% food grade ingredients and produced in facilities that only make food quality products.

Cane sugar and salt are part of a natural preservative system.

wheat, soybean, lechithin, BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, artificial flavor, gluten or grains.

Crude protein 10.0% (min)
crude fat 3.0% (min)
crude fiber 1.0%
moisture 16.0%
omega 3* 0.15%
omega 6* 0.40%
* Nutrient is not recognized as essential by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

8.6 Kcal per treat/ 2400 Kcal/kg

== end package ==

I do highly recommend these treats and give it the full 5-stars that it deserves.

CaridadBrant, NY

Best Treats for my SCWT with Allergies

These are the best treats for my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. She just loves them. She will do whatever I ask if these treats are her reward. I love the fact that they are healthy for her as she has allergies!
BobbieMekinock, ND