34 Degrees Natural Crisps, 4.5 Ounce Boxes

34░ Crispbread are seriously flavorful, all-natural crackers that are baked to thin, crisp perfection.áThe crispbread are made from just a few of the finest quality ingredients ┐ and without oil.áThe result is an exceptionally crunchy cracker distinguished by a delicious purity of flavor and lightness on the palate.á

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 4.5-ounces each box (total of 27 ounces)
  • Available in four varieties: Natural, Sesame, Cracked Pepper and Rosemary
  • All-natural

Top reviews

Where have these been hiding?

I sampled a box of these at my local grocery store and really really liked them. Not really a cracker but more like the name…crispbread. Wonderful with cheese spread on them! The subscribe and save really saves as the price wwas 35% lower using this service than buying them in the grocery store. Again…where have these been hiding? Really excellent snack based. Yum Yum.
LauraleeWebster, SD

The best cracker EVER!

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy afternoon wine and cheese time at our home. We enjoy many spreadable cheeses but always struggled to find a cracker that really complemented the taste of the spreads without overwhelming their delicate tastes. Once we found the 34 Degrees Crispbread crackers, we thought we’d found Nirvana…they are just the best cracker/crispbread ever! Give them a try…I think you’ll agree!

34 Degrees Natural Crispbread, 4.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

ShondraChristiansburg, OH

best crackers

If you are looking for a cracker for texture and as a way to eat soft cheeses and dips, this is an excellent choice. The crackers have almost no flavor themselves, but they are the perfect accompaniment when you want to taste cheese and spreads, not the crackers.
ShaniceAlexander City, AL

Great snack…

with cheese, spread, or alone. Very thin but surprisingly capable dipper – takes a lot to break these things. Light flavor so they go with anything and will not overpower what you put on them.
RichardPrattsville, AR

34 Degrees Natural Crispbread

Great treat in different flavors – perfect for a snack and helps out with meeting Weight Watchers’ points.
ErwinBozman, MD

delicious just expensive……………………..

I think that these crackers are delicious
however with the price of just basic services
I can’t afford to purchase very often.
These will be a special purchase only.
EmogeneGibson, TN

Hands down the best cracker on Earth

Hands down the best cracker on Earth. I first tried these at a wine tasting at a high end wine shop, fell in love with them.
SuziAshfield, MA

healthy eater

These are the best crackers ever and if you follow the suggestions on the package for which cheeses, meats, dips, etc. you can’t go wrong. Experiment on your own and be surprised at the delicious combinations you can come up with. Yes, they are very thin and delicate but they stand up to dipping and handling just fine.
TiffaneyEast Fultonham, OH

better than the communion wafer, but the same thickness…

These are the best crackers ever. Friends tell me they remind them of communion wafers, except that they taste fabulous.

I bought them on Amazon instead of Whole Paycheck Foods for half the price.


DerekCranks, KY

Best Crackers…PERIOD.

These crackers are the BEST for pairing with wine and cheese. They hold up to spreading and dipping despite how thin and delicate they appear. You can’t go wrong with 34 Degrees crispbread and all four flavors are delicious.
YevetteDewitt, MI