3BAR Picante Dirty Martini Olive Juice 6 jars 32oz each

Pasteurized Olive Brine packed in Spain with one Red Hot Pepper Stuffed Olive per Jar for Authenticity and Comment. Solves the Martini Party problem of too many olives and not enough juice.

Quick facts

  • Solves the too many Olives not enough Juice Dirty Martini Problem
  • The Dirty Martini Olive Juice bartenders use
  • A Pasteurized product. Refrigerate after opening

Top reviews

The Best Olive Juice You Will Ever Find

This is the best olive juice you can find. The juice has a fantastic flavor and is topped off with a signature stuffed olive. I have tried the other brands like Boscoli and they do not compare. You have to use 3 times the amount of juice to equal the flavor of the 3 Bar Picante Olive Juice. Do not pass on this juice because of the Picante, it adds flavor not spiciness which some people dislike. You will be very happy for trying this juice or very sad for passing it up.
SherrillTom Bean, TX