4-box pack of BaconPOP microwave popcorn

microwavable bacon popcorn combines 2 of the greatest things….popcorn & bacon!!!

Quick facts

  • Bacon Popcorn (Pack of 4)

Top reviews

Gag gift ended up a delicious treat

My dad bought some as a gag gift for my boys, but it actually ended up being devoured by all!! It’s good popcorn with a good amount of salt and bacon flavor. Not too strong. I’m actually going to buy some more!
ShirleenBlack Rock, AR


It really does taste like bacon, so much so that it freaked out my friend. I like it, I think the bacon flavor was just right and it wasn’t overbearing or off-putting. I still pick normal popcorn usually but if bacon pop made “personal” bags I’d probably eat it more often.
It’s definitely worth a try and it’s also a great gift for bacon lovers. I bought it for my brother-in-law for Christmas along with an assortment of other bacon flavored items.
LaureCallery, PA

So Good, so addictive

WOW, very tasty, bacon taste is not overpowering or nasty, it’s just right and so good. I don’t see those four boxes lasting very long.
WilheminaHughes, AK