4 Oz Gourmet Italian White Alba Truffle Sea Salt

White Alba truffles, from the Italian countryside, are delicately fused with hand-harvested Atlantic grey sea salt. A rare delicacyWhite Truffle Sea Salt brings the musky aroma of the Italian White Alba truffle to hand-harvested Atlantic grey sea salt. White truffles, from the countryside of northern Italy, are a rare and exceptional delicacy. This highly-prized ingredient is delicately blended with sea salt to bring rich, earthy flavor to your cooking. Use to season and lend a gourmet touch to hors d’oeuvres, risotto, cheese, salads, and vegetables.

Quick facts

  • White Alba Truffles, from the Italian countryside, are delicately fused with hand-harvested Grey sea salt
  • Made with Natural Sea Salt and Real White Italian Truffles
  • All natural no fillers or caking agents are used
  • Use as a finishing salt
  • Your order Includes a Spice Lab Wooden Salt Serving Spoon

Top reviews

Great Finishing Salt!

On a low carb diet, adding variety to simple dishes is key. I use this on eggs and fish with great results. Brings new life to old dishes!
LavetteMinonk, IL

Best Salt I’ve Ever Had

After trying K.L. Keller Black Truffle Salt from Whole Foods, I appreciated this salt much more. This white truffle salt is way better. It totally transforms hard boiled eggs and also tastes really good on cucumbers. If you plan on traveling with this salt often, I suggest getting the glass bottle. The other package wouldn’t close after heavy use.
DionElizabethtown, IN

Not bad for the price

As a lover of all things truffle, I hunt down truffle products that are rich in the flavor and a good value. This salt is more mildly flavored than the black truffle salt I’ve experienced before both in the states and in Italy, which I believe is the nature of the white truffle as opposed to the black. Next time I would opt for spending more on a similar quantity of black truffle salt.

Product arrived swiftly and in good shape.

MarvisTarzana, CA