4 Pack Captain Crunch Chocolate 14 oz Breakfast Cereal Box

Your favorite Captain is now back, this time in Chocolate flavor! Captain Chocolatey Crunch is available for a limited time. Made with real cocoa. 4 Boxes total.

Quick facts

  • Sweetened Corn and Oat Cereal
  • Made with Real Cocoa
  • 4: 14 oz. Boxes

Top reviews

If I could give it Zero stars, I would.

I usually like all cereals chocolate so I decided to get this one from the internet since its not available in my area. Plus, I like the good ole Captain so its a winner right? Not at all! This stuff was disgusting, I had to throw out what was in my bowl, and the rest of the box, my kid niece and nephew didn’t even want it. The only thing I could salvage was the chocolatey tasting milk it left behind, which was good. I hope this stuff disappears before it gets around and taints the brand! Yuck!
MelinaCades, SC


I love chocolate cereal and I love Cap’N’Crunch so I was excited to try this. Gag me. It’s awful. I don’t know who taste tested this before it came out but they apparently arent familiar with the taste of chocolate. I dont know what this taste is?! I would like to give no stars.
ClarenceLupton, AZ