4C Totally Light 2 Go Energy Rush Berry, Sugar Free, 14-Count, Boxes


Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 14-count boxes (total of 42-counts)
  • Sugar free, 5 calories, and 0 carbs per serving
  • A significant source of B-Complex Vitamins

Top reviews

Great tasting and convenient energy drink

This powdered energy drink is both a great value and a delicious tasting and taurine-filled bevvy. The flavor is sort of a blueberry-esque sweetness but it has a lot of fizzling to it, especially after just adding water. The energy I feel after drinking it is a good balance between lukewarm and overly jolting. The energy levels are comparable to Red Bull. With fourteen packets per box, this 4C product offers a lot of bang for your buck. It is worth trying out for yourself.
NeelyPittsburg, NH

Great energy drink with fantastic taste

I love the berry flavor and the great blue color which reminds me – and I am showing my age here – of Romulan Ale the popular blue alcoholic beverage from Star Trek – the origional series. ironically I think this drink packs a better punch than the fictional beverage. I work nights notice great mental clarity with this energy drink. My only real complaint is that the price here is simply too high – my local market has it for $4.49 each(not on sale regular price – one sale I got it for 2.89) and that is well under the price here – so for now this is one product it may pay to look for at your local grocery store to compare prices
HiediGeorgetown, MS

Energy Rush Slush!

I love these! I get a ton of energy without jitters and never crash; just wears off slowly. I usually mix these up in bottles and throw them in the freezer a few hours before I’m going to use them. They form ice much like a slushie and are just fabulous!
CindyNorthwood, OH

Cheap, Delicious, and Caffeinated.

Really good for the price, I’m starting to like this more than other energy drinks. Being that I can buy these for about 50 cents a pop verses, a buck for other generics, or 2 to 3 bucks for name brand stuff, these are a steal. Dig it. This is the best flavor most definitely, but if you want them cheaper get the multiple flavor pack.
DioneEnfield, IL


I always hated the after taste of drinks with artificial sweeteners, but this stuff is different even though it is sweetened with Splenda. The box says to mix with 16 oz of water, but I find that mixing it with 20 oz is less tangy. These things contain caffeine and several B vitamins, therefore you feel an energy boost after drinking them. The best of all is that each 20 oz serving is only 5 calories, vs the 140 calories in each cola pop that i used to drink.
BrandiShambaugh, IA

Great energy

I jog, play tennis, weight train, cross train, so you know you need a little ” get me up” and I have tried many energy powders, drinks and capsules, this one is a keeper, it taste good and wakes you up , but without that nervous wrecking feeling, just buy it , it’s not pricey and it works.
SherryKirkwood, CA