4C Totally Light Bonus Variety Pack, Energy Rush, 18-Count Boxes

Totally light bonus variety pack, energy rush, 18-count boxes (pack of 3) is a significant source of B-Complex Vitamins refreshing lightly carbonated taste sweetened with Splenda portable; each stick yields 16.9-20oz.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 18-count boxes (total of 54-counts)
  • A significant source of B-Complex Vitamins
  • Refreshing lightly carbonated taste sweetened with Splenda portable

Top reviews


ElainaValley Village, CA

I love this stuff!

This stuff is definitely a great energy booster. Great price too. So much cheaper than the canned energy drinks. I drive my teenage son nuts when I drink it though. I can’t seem to sit still and he says I talk so fast he can’t understand me. lol I can honestly say I think I can concentrate better and get things done a lot faster when I drink this before beginning a task.
LavonneMaplesville, AL

Excellent drink for the price

I switched to this drink as this is one of the few no sugar drinks that doesn’t contain aspartame. Splenda is the primary sweetener for this. For me it’s got the right blend of flavor, sweetness and caffeine. Being in packets it’s easy to carry with you and compared to the cost of pre-mixed energy drinks (monster, amp, etc) it’s a great value*. I love all three flavors, citrus is what you’d expect tastes similar to original Gatorade. I was most surprised by the orange flavor, I’m not a big fan of orange flavored drinks, but this one is really good. Berry however remains my favorite, but I enjoy the others just as much.

*Please note, it looks like this isn’t sold by Amazon LLC anymore and the new seller’s price is way more. I was paying anywhere between $14 and $18 for a 3 pack. It’s now cheaper to get this from the manufacture’s website.

DevonaAdamant, VT

This might save me nearly $2 a serving!

I drink Monster Blues, the 10 calorie, zero carb energy drink. Depending on where I buy it I can spend upwards to $2 a can!

At just shy of $12 for 72 servings, that is a substantial savings for someone looking for an energy buzz 😉 The taste is not bad in particular if you water it down a bit. I also mixed the orange with my no carb vanilla protein powder to get a real homemade creamsicle muscle building kick in the pants! Okay, it does not totally rock, but I can stomach it when I need to.

Overall I am pleased with this as a substitute for high priced energy drinks. I keep a couple of servings in my EDC bag along with a few protein bars. I have a stainless steel container of H2o with me too. Pour, shake, drink….

4 stars

MedaMorongo Valley, CA

Great alternative to expensive energy drinks

I purchase these all the time. A great option if you need a boost of energy but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it. The price on Amazon can’t be beat, and they are diffuclt to find in the store.
BarbaraCassopolis, MI

Awesome pick me up!

I got these as a sample from the 5 boro bike tour in NYC. AMAZING product. These taste pretty good and don’t have the sugar that you would get from a Mountain Dew.

Since it’s effervescent, the kick is pretty instantaneous, but be careful, you might get hooked. For some people, it might be too much caffeine. I wouldn’t take these if I wasn’t already a coffee addict. I think Energy Rush has more of a caffeine kick than coffee or a soda. Also since you control how much water you put in, you can easily overdose this stuff.

In the past I’ve taken Ripped Fuel, Hydroxycut, and all sorts of other stimulants you name it. Energy rush gives you a great boost.

TobyLeavenworth, KS

Good, but recently more expensive

I have been buying this for a year or so, the orange is awesome, the berry and lemon-lime are also quite good.

But recently they removed the berry and replaced it with really horrible-tasting strawberry.

If I can’t find it on Amazon, I may end up just buying bulk packs of orange at the maker’s website.

RossanaOsceola, AR

This stuff is amazing

I love these energy drink…I used to drink every energy drink imaginable..Red Bull,and Monster etc. and always got bad withdrawal symptoms when I quit drinking it..I would crash hard and fast..but with these the only thing I get is extreme tiredness at the end of the day but honestly cant complain about that because it helps me sleep better..these things are great first thing in the morning to get my day started and help me get through the day and no bad side effects..no shakiness..no headache no nothing..Best cheap alternative to them expansive energy drinks 🙂
SadieErie, ND

Great replacement for Red Bull

I used to drink Red Bull regularly and have switched to Energy Rush completely. They taste great, give a great energy boost, and are a tiny fraction of the price. I especially like the blue flavor, but I do buy the variety pack.
MalkaMount Tremper, NY

Got me off my Diet Coke habit

Honestly I was a junkie in terms of Diet Coke. I was using the caffeinated Crystal Light packets, but I needed several of them. One packet of this gets me going in the morning, if I’m in a rush it’s all into one 16.9 ounce water bottle, if I can be lazy I use a bigger bottle. I wasn’t a fan of the flavor at first, but eventually I came to adore them. Definitely an energy drink type of flavor (Orange and Citrus), I don’t know what to compare the berry to, but it’s always an extra good morning when I get my favorite flavor. Great Value on Amazon and in stock unlike my super market.
BetteBucklin, KS

Loved it

I tried this drink baased on all of the reviews that I had read, and I did read all of them. I personally liked all of the three flavors and am thinking of including them in care packages to send to Deployed Service People overseas.
Also I did take heed at the warning from another reviewer and did not drink coffee that day until after I figured out how much the caffeine from this product would hit me. I’d suggest the same for anyone trying this product so they don’t go onto a caffeine overload.
Overall Happy With My Purchase.
PearleneLabelle, FL

Awesome Price, Awesome Flavor.

I wanted a cheaper replacement for all the energy drinks that I have in the morning. Perfect match! I love flavoring and will be ordering more when I run out.
LavetteDunreith, IN


I bought this for me and my boyfriend to try since we are quite addicted to energy drinks. It is really tasty and NO SUGAR!! Love it. I recommend to anyone who likes energy drinks. Way cheaper in the longrun!
VasilikiPecan Gap, TX

WoW I was a Phsyco path at work

Finally I was a physo path at work! I go in at 3:30am and normaly im tired, with this I put 1 packet into a bottle of water and right after i clocked in I downed the entire bottle straight. Within 5 min I was a physco path got me threw the day no crash no burn great deal saves me allot of money compared to 5 hour energy! I love it!!!!
LethaSeabeck, WA

Great for the price

The orange is my favorite flavor. I prefer the other two flavors mixed together better than I like them separately. I feel good after drinking them, like I do with other energy drinks. I don’t feel jittery like I do with too much coffee. I will definitely order again. I will save a fortune not buying Red Bull.
AnneCarlisle, AR

More caffeine than Dew

I work 3rd shift and drink alot of coffee and Mountian Dew, I wanted to try something that was better for me. I decided to give 4c Energy rush a try. It is better than I imagined. The Berry blue is the best. I didn’t get the jitters like I do with coffee. And when I found out there is more caffeine then Dew, it was a win, win! Don’t believe me check the site out:
AnjaHoward Lake, MN


I hate the after taste of most artificial sweeteners, but this mix (sweetened with Splenda) is great. The best part of it is that it is only 5 calories per serving (vs the 140 calories in each can of cola soda pop that I used to drink). They say it is tough to lose weight during the holiday season and I say that it is true, but, even though I have been eating everything else I would eat during the holidays, I cut out all the soda pop and substituted with these. I have lost about 9 pounds in a month, without working out, so I know that once I start working out, I will lose more weight.
BeauWittenberg, WI

fruity pick me up at 11:00am

#1-this stuff tastes great! (very fruity)
#2-great price (anywhere from 12 dollars and change to 18 dollars and change)
#3-mixes with water nicely
#4-contains B3, B6, B12(Niacin), and B5
#5- 1 packet mixes with 20 ounces, so there’s quite a bit of powder mix in each packet.
#6- all of the flavors have a slight distinct taste.
#7 -YUM YUM, and gives me a nice rush to keep the day moving more smoothly.

the only negative I’d say is that it gives me gas, but that may be just me.

CarmenAlplaus, NY

I usually dont like carbinated fruit drinks…

But this stuff is pretty good. It mixes real easy. Nice caffeine boost too. My fav is the citrus.

The price WAS right, I paid $12.57. I see the price, at the moment, is $18.05. I wouldn’t buy it again at $18 but would at $12. A $6 increase on a $12 product!!!! Whats up with that?

I’ve noticed that Amazon likes to jack prices around a lot. I guess its trying to figure out what price people will buy at.

EmelineWhite Salmon, WA

Great right before/during/after a workout

I drink this every morning before I head to the gym, gives me a great 1 hour continuous energy for a run!! And then lots of energy after! It gets me going of the day, then i drink it again at night for my night run. Helps me have a great night sleep as well!
AlonzoIckesburg, PA

great for a pick me up

I love these drinks they are a good alternative. Finally got me off a mountain dew habit from the 80’s. Also can be used to make a glass of beer totally turn to foam instantly 🙂
HortenciaDawson, TX