5lb. Organic, Sprouted Millet Flour

100% whole grain stone-milled Millet flour. Can be used alone or mixed with other flours for all your baking needs.

Quick facts

  • Whole grains are transformed into a living food when they are sprouted.
  • Sprouted grains contain more nutrients that are more easily digested and absorbed.
  • Tastes better than regular, unsprouted flour. Never bleached and/or refined.
  • Sprouting grains provides several nutritional benefits. Substitute sprouted flour for conventional flour one to one.
  • Sprouting increases vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and makes them more bio-available. Complex sugars are broken down, which make digestion easier.

Top reviews

Sprouted Grain Flower

Very happy with it – made BEAUTIFUL coconut pancakes with it today and loved eating a much healthier product. In fact I got the sprouted grain cookbook where I got the recipe for the pancakes and that just made really great breakfast here today. I am looking forward to continuing to use this much higher impact flour.
AlmaJerry City, OH