5th Avenue Candy Bar, 2-Ounce Bars

Milk Chocolate and Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 36, 2-ounce bars (72-ounce)
  • Crunchy peanut butter
  • Has a rich chocolate coating
  • Milk chocolate

Top reviews

ALMOST as good as a Clark Bar

Unfortunately, like the Clark Bar, this product is not sold in Southern California, SO, I have to get it from Amazon. When I saw that I could get it on Amazon Prime, there was no longer any debate.

The 5th Avenue is a Clark Bar wannabe, but far superior to the Nestle product called Butterfinger. It has a very nice crunch, and a very nice hint of Peanut Butter. If you have to accept an alternative to the Clark bar, this is pretty close.

All of the Clark bars that Amazon sells are not available for Amazon Prime, and all of the vendors selling the Clark bars want entirely too much for shipping (Like, half of the price again??? Come-On Man!!!)

TessBurnsville, MS

Viva! 5th Avenue Bars

This is one of the best bars on the market, but almost impossible to find in the many stores I have searched. My solution was to buy a box!
ErwinBovina, TX

Pace yourself

Or you’ll get sick of these and it’s not fun to get sick of one of the tastiest candy bar’s on the market! They don’t seem to do well at room temperature though so I’d recommend either the fridge or freezer.
ElseTylertown, MS

Tony_Tony2 5th Avenue Review

The chocolate was outstanding. The service was quick. The value of the product exceeded what I paid. I’m very satisfied. This is my second
purchase of candy from Amazon.com and I will do it again.
SalinaVoth, TX

Far out excels Clark Bar !

I must disagree with the reviewer who said the fifth avenue was a Clark bar wannabe. In my opinion the Fifth Avenue far out excels the Clark bar. This is my 2nd order. The candy bars are extremely fresh and too yummy, I ate them all ! I will continue to buy candy from Amazon.
IndiraHaywood, WV

Might not be as fresh

Upon arrival ate one. Had one recently which was good. However the one from the box i received was not as tasteful. It stuck to my teeth which made it difficult.
MauricioArlington, GA

taste great

My daughter really likes 5th Ave candy bars and they are hard to find in our area. Amazon has them and they came quickly.
Thanks for the good service.
RubieOneonta, NY


I received the product in good shape except I will not buy a chocolate item during the summer.
After I put the product under refrigeration it was still very tasty.
ElouiseAshley Falls, MA

My favorite candy bar

Almost impossible to find 5 th Avenue bars in stores these days. They only sell the most popular to cut down on inventory.
Glad I can still get my favorite on Amazon. Better than Clark Bar in my opinion.
ManuelaWest Rushville, OH