6-Jar Variety Pack:BESTSELLERS

TRAPPIST PRESERVES. . . WORLD-FAMOUS QUALITY. . .The monks at St. Josephs Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts craft each batch of Trappist Preserves in accord with the monastic tradition of excellence. The result is unsurpassed quality which has earned worldwide awards and praise. One factor which contributes to top quality is vacuum pan cooking. The fruit is cooked at temperatures of about 80 degrees cooler, resulting in better color and flavor. No artificial colorings, flavors, or preservatives are used! No high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Another key factor to quality is the same cook who has been refining recipes and techniques for more than 30 years, bringing a wealth of experience to today’s production. Careful selection and combination of fruit also contribute to making a superior product. In their Strawberry Preserve, for example, two kinds of strawberries are used: one for outstanding flavor and the other for texture which holds up throughout the cooking process. These and other factors make Trappist Preserves some of the best in the world. . . Now, by the convenience of mail order, the monks bring their hospitality to your doorstep!

Quick facts

  • 12 oz. Jars, Packed in molded styrofoam to ensure safe arrival
  • Made by Monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass.
  • No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
  • Includes: Cherry Preserve, Strawberry Preserve, Concord Grape Jelly
  • Apricot Preserve, Peach Preserve and Seville Orange Marmalade

Top reviews

Gift of jelly

I gacve this item to my grandmother for christmas and she told me serveral time she enjoyed every bite on toast in the morning.. other have asked her where she got it from. Very happy with product will buy from this place again.
MargaretteCedar Point, IL

Trappist jellies & jams are great stuff!

They taste great.

They’re pretty!

They’re made in an intriguing and enviro-friendly way. (My first sight of the monastery where they’re made – a replica of the mother-house in Europe, on a picturesque hilltop in Massachusetts – swept me into a historical reverie that was interrupted when I realized what the habited monk on the red tile roof was doing: fixing one of the solar panels powering the jelly factory. You can read more about some unique features of the process on the Amazon site.)

And the money you spend actually goes to support the life and work of the monks.

NatalyaMoscow, AR