6-PACK Beef Pill Pockets SMALL 19.2 oz

Greenies Pill Pockets treats for dogs are a proven solution to your pill-giving problem. These nutritious treats contain a built-in pocket, perfect for hiding a pill or supplement. Plus, dogs love the taste so much that they won’t even notice there’s medicine inside! Recommended by veterinarians, Pill Pockets not only help with the delivery of medication, they are also a source of vitamins C and E to promote a healthy immune system. Pill Pockets treats come in convenient sizes to match your pill size. Large fits most capsules and small fits most tablets. Both sizes are available in beef and chicken flavors.

Quick facts

  • No mess
  • Beef Flavor
  • No Mess, No Stress
  • Easy to use re-sealable pouch
  • Veterinarian designed and recommended

Top reviews

Not for dogs who chew their food

My veterinarian recommended these because I was having a hard time getting my 17-year old beagle to take her pain medication. I had tried all the usual ways (sticking the pill into cheese or dog treats, putting it on the back of her tongue and holding her mouth shut, etc.), so I was willing to try anything.

There’s nothing unusual about these treats that makes a dog eat them any differently than anything else. So, I stick the pill in, my dog starts chewing the pill pocket, and soon she’s foaming at the mouth because she bit into the pill.

If your dog wolfs down food without chewing, this product will work, but is probably unnecessary. If your dog chews food, it just won’t work.

SilviaThe Rock, GA

Good Product, Slow Delivery

This product is a standard item that can be purchased at any pet store. The price for this item on Amazon was very good, compared to retail. The problem was delivery time. I am used to receiving my purchases from Amazon in two days. This common item took approximately three weeks for delivery. I will not purchase from this vendor (not Amazon) again.
KimberlieSavoy, MA


I love these things! My dog requires medication twice a day, somthing we both dreaded. Now my dog thinks he’s getting treats twice a day! So easy to use and only 20 cal each so I don’t have to worry about his weight and cal intake. Try these, your dog will thank you.
RonnieWyanet, IL

Great service

Have ordered this product in the past. No problems ordering, and receiving and would easily order this product from the same merchant in the future.
CarolynnElsmere, NE

Perfect Idea

I love pill pockets. It makes giving my dog pills very easy. Since I give my dog pills twice a day it’s a lot cheaper to buy it online.
DerrickCommodore, PA

Terrific product.. Wish I had thought of it..

I have a miniature poodle that is very picky about food, and getting pills down her was a constant battle. This product changed everything. The pills go in the “pocket” of this, and it just squeezes shut. She does not smell the pill or taste it and she loves the pill pocket and thinks it is a treat. I no longer fight with her about pill time. If only every problem were this easily solved!
RosalieFishing Creek, MD

Great for hiding pet meds…

These work great for hiding pet medications. Just place the pill inside the pocket, squeeze to seal the edges, and then roll into a ball. I have four dogs, three of which will eat a loaded pill pocket with no problem, but for the fourth who tends to chew her treats thus discovering the pill inside, I simply place a loaded pill pocket inside a bowl of her favorite moist dog food and wait to see that she eats everything. This usually does the trick and she comsumes the food along with the loaded pill pocket without noticing anything out of the ordinary.
VickiWalworth, WI


My dog has to take 1 1/2 pills twice a day. Before we tried these, we tried cheese, hot dogs, soft treats, and simply stuffing it in her throat. The soft treats would have been great but she always managed to find the pills(which are tiny)and spit them out after eating the treat, same with bits of hot dog. Cheese worked but it was annoying and sticky to use.

We saw these pockets at our vets office and they are perfect. I can pre-load 14 pockets with the pills and fill one of those pill holder thingys that have a lid for a.m. and p.m. for 7 days. When you drop the pills into the pocket, you pinch the top closed, then mold it into a ball. They fit well into the pill holder and now my husband and I no longer have to ask each other “did you give Betty her pill?” twice a day anymore. I definitely recommend doing this because then you only have to mold them once a week and they smell bad-like super strong dog food. I guess she loves the taste, she begs for her pill every day now. She knows the sound of the pill holder lid popping open and runs in.


1-when we first started using these-the dog had wicked gas for a few weeks-horrible but it eventually went away

2-if you pre-load the pills into the pockets like I do, make sure to keep them up high. We left them too close to the edge of the counter once and our other dog managed to knock them down, get the lid off the thing and eat all the pill pockets. So he got about 5 days worth of seizure medicine! I had to call poison control! Now we make sure they are up high and pushed back.

DewittSquaw Lake, MN

dog too smart for use as pill administering tool

would definitely work with the seller again…product arrived earlier than anticipated and in excellent condition…did not eliminate the problem of giving my particular dog her meds, but she loved them as treats
BeatrisWest Mclean, VA

Dog thinks they are treats, little does she know

Great idea. My black lab enjoys getting her pills now. She actually waits for the loaded Pill Pocket before she digs into her supper bowl. Cost is considerably less than buying them at a local store.
CordeliaCordova, NM

dogs like them

Got here fast and the dogs like the pill pockets, easy to store and they stay fresh a long time
YuVan Buren, IN

pill pockets

This has got to be the easiest way to give your dog his meds and flea pills. My dog that smells everything before he eats it, eats these.
TemekaSaint Francisville, LA


We use these for dogs and they love them, so we bought some for a friend’s sick dog. He also loves them.
CelestinaEmmitsburg, MD

Small pill pockets

My very small dog love these small pill pockets, very easy to give her medication now. She thinks they are treats.
MargheritaUnion Mills, IN

Easy to give pets Meds

Our Newfie loves them!
He needs meds twice a day and if we are off on the time by 10 minutes he is waiting and reminds us.
No more playing games and opening his mouth,forcing the pill down, waiting to see if he spits it out or not.
Great product!
MargetGilbertown, AL


I had a very sick dog, and was having a terrible time trying to give medication to her. It seemed nothing worked (cheese, sometimes hotdogs..if I was lucky and she didn’t spit out the pill, etc.). These pill pockets are a “GREAT” invention! Just put the pill in the open split at the top, smoosh the split closed, and give the pill pocket like a treat. It works everytime! She loved the taste, and had no idea that there was medication enclosed. THESE REALLY REALLY WORK!!! Plus, the price is amazingly low. I’ve checked around, and once again…Amazon has everyone beat. You Rock Amazon…Keep those low prices coming!
KennethColon, NE

Pill Pockets are great.

My dog quickly caught onto what was happening when I gave her hot dogs, vienna sausage, cheese and peanut butter. I spent a horrible time one night trying to give her the prescription medicine she was supposed to take. I ended up with a bite on my wrist. The pill was really a bitter pill and one that many dogs object to so I can’t blame her.

However, with pill pockets there has never been any problem. In fact when I go to get her medicine she follows me and eagerly waits for her ‘treat’. Pill pockets saved her life. They are worth the price.

Follow the directions on the back of the package.

JoieMelrose, MN


I am so grateful for this product. My dog would not take his medication no matter what we wrapped it in (lunchmeat, peanut butter, mash potatoes, cheese, meats). You name it, he refused it. Eventually he stopped eating entirely because he could smell the four pills in his food. I was resorting to grinding pills twice a day and squirting the smelly liquid into his mouth. It was terrible. Then the groomer recommended Pill Pockets. I honestly didn’t think it would work but it has literally been a lifesaver. He loves them and eats them like treats with his pills inside. I get the small, beef flavor . My dog is almost 14 years old and on heart medication. I was losing hope a few months ago until I found this product. Now he gets his medication twice a day everyday and he he looks forward to it.
SonCorning, NY

Bubba loves them

Bubba is on a medication for the rest of his life. Before I purchased Pill Pockets he would eat the cheese, hot dog, or peanut butter around the medication and spit the pill out. With Pill Pockets he looks forward to taking his medication and takes the whole thing and looks for more.
DeonnaSpring Valley, CA

Pill Pockets

My dog is on medication twice daily and used to take her pills with just peanut butter on them. She now refuses to take them, I put the peanut butter on bread with the pills, she would eat around the pills and spit them out. A friend recommended the pill pockets to me. What a help, it is so much easier to load the pills and my dog even begs for them!
AnnitaArgyle, WI

A simple, convenient method for giving pills to a dog

We have several older dogs, so we administer a lot of medication. With pill pockets, all we have to do is open the pouch, and the dogs are lining up for their medication. This is much easier than chasing them around the house. We go through a lot of pill pockets, so the 6-pack is much more convenient than buying one or two pouches at a time.
SheliaSalina, PA

6 pack pill pockets

Great item makes giving medicine to my dogs so much easier, they think it’s a treat. A must have for pet owners
SantosHankinson, ND

Great Product….Great Company

I have been purchasing pill pockets for about 6 months now due to my 7 yr old Beagle needing her medicine twice a day. She is excited to eat them everyday and doesn’t have a clue her medicine is in them….or doesn’t care because of the yummy taste. The price was excellent compared to the $9 – $12 for one packet in most pet stores. More suprisingly was the customer service I received. After sending an email requesting money back for my expedited shipping costs as I did not think I received my order in time, I quickly got a response. A representative from the company explained exactly how expedited shipping actually worked (I wish Amazon was this detailed) and that they were in fact within the time limit as promised. I received several emails back that not only answered all my questions, but also educated me on the whole shipping process. I appreciated the personalized service I received, and can’t wait to buy from them again!
ValeriAmagon, AR

Amazing sale price on Pill Pockets

We have 4 Shelties. One of our older boys has a thyroid condition and needs to take medication daily. Pill pockets have been a godsend when it comes to getting the pills into him. However, they can be very expensive and when you have 4 dogs, there is always the chance that someone else will need to be on medication from time to time.

This sale made it possible for us to by in bulk and not have to break the bank. We greatly appreciate the fact that you ran this sale and that it is helping us to keep our old boy healthy.

We will continue to look for sales at your site.

RoselynWendell Depot, MA

My dog goes NUTS for these!!!

I used to try and smash my dogs pill in some moist food but my dog would somehow pick it out and I would find the pill on the floor. Now with these I just pop the pill in and my dog jumps up and snatches it out of my hand. I dont think she even chews it! Makes giving pills much easier and smells a little like bacon….Mmmmmmm…Bacon!
MirellaHuddy, KY

Excellent for administering regular medications

This is a great product. We give our dog daily medication, plus his monthly heartworm meds. This mades it so much easier than trying to stuff pills into cheese or hotdogs. My dog actually looks forward to his medication now. Highly recommend.
MariAdrian, WV

Can’t live without these

Our dog was needing twice per day medications and gaining weight on the peanut butter to get her to eat the pills. These are great! She loves them and it makes giving pills SO easy. We have extra packs of these in the closet at all times. If you are giving capsules you haved to stretch these a bit over them…but still do-able versus buying a bigger size.
VerlinePala, CA

Life Saver

I have an elderly dog that is not happy to take pills. I was shoving 8 pills each day down his throat. Then I found these pill pockets. They are amazing. Now I ask my dog if he wants his pills and he comes running. Makes medicating my dog a treat instead of a fight.
ThomasBig Arm, MT

Excellent choice for pet owner’s who have difficulty with medicinal requirments

What a nice product to dispense medication for pets. Some pets don’t take kindly to fingers jammed down their throats. The pill holder ,akes it easy!
ShirlyNorth Salt Lake, UT

pill pockets

I ordered more pill pockets. I have a 100 pyr who is not good about taking pills. This makes it so easy to get her to take a pill. I will keep ordering this product.
NellWinn, MI