This is for 12 Boxes of Fizzies. Blue Ruzz, Lemonade, Orange, Cherry & Rootbeer. A great party favor for the kids! Instant Sparkling Drink Tablet

Quick facts

  • Retro Charm – 21st Century Flavor
  • 12 Boxes, Assorted Flavors
  • Each BOX contains 12 Action Tablets
  • Great Party Flavor, SUGAR FREE

Top reviews


Great if you have kids who want soda all the time. Just drop a fizzie into water (club soda works even better) and watch the tablet dissolve.
RyanNarrowsburg, NY

Fizzies Review

I ordered the Fizzies 12 boxes with 12 tablets in each box thinking about how much I loved these as a child. After receiving the Fizzies I was excited because I wanted my Grandchildren to love them as much as I did. BUT I tasted mine as they were drinking theirs and it just wasn’t the same. They didn’t have the fizz or bite is what I call it as they did when I was a child. My grandchildren will drink them but they add them as flavoring to Sprite or 7up. They are just OK not what I remembered them to be. I would suggest buying just one pack of these and, if you like them then maybe buying the bigger packages.
MagdaleneAmber, OK

Fizzies instant drink tablets

I loved Fizzies when I was a kid. As I recall, they stopped making them because they contained cancer causing chemicals called cyclamates. My daughter bought me a box of the new one’s in root beer flavor and I was really looking forward to a retro experience. This was the most God-awful thing I’ve ever drank. It tasted nothing like root beer. I would describe the taste as more like a really bad, chemically laced, unsweetened tea. I ended up dumping it in the sink. I would like to believe I’ve just lost my sense of taste in my middle age but I really don’t think that is the problem. These things just don’t taste anything like the product that was out in the 60’s and early 70’s. If the taste of your own urine wouldn’t bother you, you might enjoy Fizzies. Keep in mind that they contain Sorbitol which, in modest quantities can cause gas, bloating and assorted digestive ills.
CletusCove, AR

My grandkids love these!

I remember my grandmother giving me Fizzies when I was a child and now I have them to give my grandchildren. They absolutely love them and ask for them every time they are at my house. They are entranced with the bubbles produced as the fizzie dissolves and love the taste of them.
AntoniettaTchula, MS