8″ Mega Mighty Ribs 2pk – Shelf Dsp – 10 Ct


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Messy but my dogs ADORE them!

These Mega Mighty Ribs are my dogs favorite chew treat. I am impressed by how truly mighty and meaty they are, and I can see how a dog would love them!


1) They’re an amazing value, because you can break one treat in half or even thirds. They are huge, thick slabs of ribs with dried meat and some savory fat on them. There are usually two or three long rib bones surrounded by meat in a slab form. You get 20 slabs per box, which can be broken into perhaps ~35 smaller bones. And at my house, everything gets eaten. ~35 treats at this price and quality is a great value for me.

2) They are like 2 treats in one: first they chew off all the meaty goodness, then they chew up the bones. More value!

3) The rib bones are safe to devour. They don’t splinter, but are simply soft but heartily gnaw-able. You wind up with about 3 per slab, so I usually throw away two and just let my dogs finish one, otherwise we’d have piles of rib bones “buried” everywhere by my sneaky pups who like to hide their treats.

4) They keep my dogs busy. Oh, do they love working on these! Even my sweet old papillon Gigi, with 9 lost teeth, will spend hours doing her best with the especially soft, easy-to-pick-at ones I set aside just for her. Dachshund Sophie will work on one on and off for a day or two, while my parents’ dachshunds Sadie and Gussie will be busy for hours on end, determinedly devouring the whole thing from start to finish. When I present each of them with one, we know the house will be quiet for the rest of the day!


1) They are a crumb disaster, I must warn you. Definitely give these as either outside treats or on an easy-to-clean surface, like the kitchen floor. One of my girls brought one into our bed one day and I had to change the entire bedding, the crumbs were simply everywhere. These crumbs will haunt you if you’re not careful. I think it’s worth it, others may not. At least give them a try.

2) They are *slightly* smelly, but not offensive. Nothing like the horrors of bully sticks. They just have a kind of greasy, gamey odor but it doesn’t permeate the house or anything. Sophie can be working on one two feet away and I’ll just get an occasional whiff. It stays on their breath, though, so if you’re a stickler about doggie breath, you’ll want to brush their teeth or rinse their mouths after they’re done. This is barely a con, really.

My dogs and I really love these mega mighty rib bones. I buy them in bulk at least every other month. They never tire of them. They’ve never gotten sick from them. They are so cute and happy when they have their bones! In fact, Sophie just started working on one that she’d apparently “set aside” (she’s our treat hider). She read my mind. We’re close like that 😉

TabithaTaylor, MO