9 Lives Daily Essentials, 15-Pound Bag

Give your cat the nutrition he needs every day, in every lifestage. 9Lives Daily Essentials cat food delivers nutrition that helps support healthy heart, clear vision, strong muscles and healthy skin and coat.

Quick facts

  • Comes as 15-Pound Bag
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Strong muscle growth
  • Healthy heart and clear vision

Top reviews

My cat hates it..

My cat will NOT eat this food. I don’t know why, but it was a waste of money. I was looking for something cheap so I guess you get what you pay for.
HelenaNewport Center, VT

My cats love it

My cats (7 of them) love this food so I was glad to see Amazon is carrying it again. The local stores do not carry a 15 lb bag, only the 3.5lbs and 12 lbs. This food is sealed very well, and is fresh. I have tried expensive brands and really cheapo brands of cat food, and so far 9 lives agrees very well with my cats. This food does not “rifle” through them or cause overly offensive litter pan odors (like cheapo cat food) and their digestive and urinary tracts are all healthy. My cats ages range from 3 years to 18 years old, and believe me, this 9 Lives brand and flavor are something they all like. The price is a really good deal especially for prime as the shipping is free.

I also buy the Iams in the orange bag for my cats for a variety and putting some of that in a bowl dry as well as wetted down with water in another bowl is something they really love. Again, no intestinal issues or litter pan issues as they have been eating this combination for several years now.

If you do try this, or switch your cat(s) over, be patient as it may take a week or so for your cats digestive system to adjust. In the end, I think you will be very pleased with the quality and price.

Also, we used to take in foster cats, and fed them this 9 Lives brand, and they all did very well.

IrvingO Brien, OR

cat food

my cats favorite cat food he is very pickey and will not eat a lot of different cat foods but he loves this one
CharissaFrametown, WV

Cat Digs It!

I used to buy this at Target but it’s cheaper at Amazon.

My cat goes crazy when I get out the bag so I know she loves it. Cheap to boot, also!

I don’t really stress out about which exact ingredients are in cat or dog food. I figure it’s all pretty decent so why not save a little money…

JustinaSan Marcos, CA

Great Value

There are 4 kittens that started hanging outside the house and I started feeding them. Rather than buying the smaller bags, this is a great value for multiple cats. The kittens love the food and always look forward to eating it. Shipped right to your door. Can’t go wrong with that!
EdwinCallaway, MD

9 Lives Daily Essentials 15 pound bag cat food. Good food, good price.

I purchase 2 15 pound bags of 9 Lives Daily Essentials a month for my daughter’s cats. They love it. She says they often gather around the carton and wait for her to open it. They know what’s in there and can’t wait for it to be opened. If the cats love it, we love it. Isn’t that how it goes?
ReathaBallico, CA

Great deal

My cats love this food. For the money it is a great product. I get it every month. The cats love the flavor.
CristobalHavre De Grace, MD

Low quality ingredients, but…

As the ingredients contained in this food are not the optimal food sources essential to a cat’s well being, I don’t actually feed my cats this dry food.

Corn is the first ingredient, which is a food my cats really don’t crave. There is a meat source as the second ingredient, but unfortunately, it is a by-product. Although there are a couple of other meat sources listed in the ingredients, the addition of artificial preservatives and coloring make this cat food a less than desirable food staple for any cat.

However, the Amazon price is good and with Amazon prime 2-day free shipping directly to work, this is a very convenient food for the shop cats I feed. While the ingredients aren’t the best, feeding it along with canned food, it is a balanced diet and seems to keep the shop cats healthy.

IleanaSpringdale, MT

Cats love it

I have 6 feral cats that I trapped, neutered/spayed and released. They still hang around our property so of course we feed them. They really like 9 lives and I believe it is good for them. Being old and my husband handicapped, it is so easy for us to have it delivered right to our door step instead of wrestling with the bags at the store and unloading when we get home. I am very satisfied with the product and Amazon. The subscribe and save option is even better as I don’t have to remember to order it.
HaroldClearbrook, MN

Cats Love this food.

My two cats love this cat food more than the kirkland signature brand. It’s also very cheap and affordable cat food at walmart. I would recommend this cat food over meow mix or friskies any day. Get 9lives dry cat food. It’s one of the better brands out there.
ConcettaPainted Post, NY

Hard to please kitty LOVES it

One of my kitties is a complete snob when it comes to food and she loves this. Great product to buy.
EchoDawson, NE