Strawberry flavored soda Delicious Vintage

Quick facts

  • Sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • Nesbitt’s is an American Classic.
  • Produced by America’s leading vintage soda bottler.

Top reviews

Great flavor, but……

I love this flavor. I live in colorado, though, so the shipping is costly. It can only be a very rare treat, as I think the cost of the product and the shipping came to over 2.00 a bottle. Glad it is still out there somewhere, though.
VirgenMokena, IL

Amazon carries the BEST Strawberry Soda in the WORLD!?

Nesbitt’s was my favorite soda pop as a child. My dad always bought these and when we relocated from California to Texas, I never saw Nesbitt’s again.

If this is the SAME Nesbitt’s of my childhood, it will bring back such fond memories and be delicious! I am certain Nesbitt’s is still made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup!

Please don’t stop carrying this before I can order some! If you are a fan of strawberry soda, give Nesbitt’s of California a try!

MarcusSac City, IA