12 different kind of premium glass bottle sodas (choose by Orca Beverage) selected from Orca Beverage’s over 70 kinds of soda portfolio. All sodas are sweetened by real cane sugar made by orca beverage soda works. (picture showing is just a part of our soda selection)

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12 units
  • Premium glass bottle sodas
  • Sweetened by real cane sugar

Top reviews

How many bottles do you get?

While this sounds like an excellent idea, I am perplexed by the fact that they promise 12 bottles and 17 are pictured …
TrentonGalena, KS

Pretty good item

So, I like to try random sodas, esp. the random ones that yoou dont find everyday, while the picture shows certain ones, you’re not guaranteed to get any of them, this is a great buy if youre wanting something different. I plan to buy multiples of this item, to try new flavors.
KelleMc Connellsburg, PA