9GreenBox – Live 10″-12″ Money Tree Bonsai

The Money Tree, or Pachira, is thought by respectable Feng Shui Masters to bring good luck and fortune to businesses and families. It is a tropical wet land tree native to Central and South American Swamps. These trees have the ability to grow up to 60 feet high in the wild. They are favorably placed as small plants in homes and offices.

Quick facts

  • Popular decorative plant.
  • Brings good luck and fortune to family and business.
  • As the tree grows, new leaves unfurl into beautiful five-leafed stems.
  • Ceramic pot.
  • 10-12” inch live plant

Top reviews

Money Tree

This product came prompt and well packaged. Was beautiful and still is. This Bonsai is very easy to maintain and care for. I would definitely recommend this purchase.
KrystalHornell, NY


Ive had this plant a month 32 days) I water it on time about an hour after EVERY water the soil is BONE DRY. I dont think it has very good soil at all when I got the plant it had holes on the leaves brown spots WHEN I GOT THE PLANT Ive did every thing it said about the care for the plant. Thank you Just thought I would Share my info on the plant..
AndresWhite Lake, SD

does not actually grow money

was given this as a gift from my dear cousin daniel from new york. he told me if i take good care of it in a week it will pay off. now that i think about it he probably meant how you get “some good vibes” from taking care of nature. i think he’s full of it. but the plant is cool so i guess i’ll keep it.
JudiBaileyville, IL