9Lives Tender Morsels Wet Canned Cat Food

Indulge your cat with every irresistible bite of 9Lives Tender Morsels With Real Flaked Tuna & Cheese Bits In Sauce cat food. It’s a delicious meal of real flaked tuna and tangy cheese bits smothered in savory sauce for the taste they love and the nutrition they need for a long, healthy life.

Quick facts

  • Contains 24 – 5.5 oz cans
  • 100% complete nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance
  • Made with real tuna and cheese bits
  • Tender flaked texture
  • New look, same great taste

Top reviews

Cats love this

Petsmart stopped selling any of the 9 Lives Tuna so thankfully i found it online, in a case and with free shipping! My cats love the yellow, blue and red tuna and trying to run all over town to find them being sold individually for too much $ was frustruating. Amazon makes life easier while Petsmart does their best to jack up their prices and stop selling items i have been buying for years. Great shipping, pricing and service!
PaulKnightsen, CA

Excellent “fishy” food

My cats have been eating both tuna with egg and tuna with cheese for at least six years and they love it. My cats are checked out at the vet annually and they have always been very healthy. Some cats will not eat canned food if they are not introduced to it as kittens, and one of my cats is a rescue from a shelter and he only drinks sauce or juice from cans with “chunks” of something. This 9 Lives food is flaked or shredded tuna, very tiny pieces, so he eats this without problems and loves it. I have been buying this cat food for years and will continue buying it.
RonniCharlestown, IN

Good Enough Most of the Time

I have four cats which live in my home and I also feed one feral cat who lives outside. Though the feral has been eating at my house for 10 years, he still runs away whenever I come out the door. BUT, he does return once the food is left for him.

My inside kitties are pretty spoiled and eat mostly Pro Plan and Fancy Feast, but for my feral guy (whom I had Trapped, Neutered, and Returned to me) Nine Lives and Friskies are his daily fare.
He really, really likes this Flaked Tuna with Cheese bits in sauce. He is also an aficianado of other of their varieties, but this one with the cheese is one of his favorites.

I, like most cat people, have a regimen for feeding of the felines. At 5:00 PM, my inside kitties get their wet food. They have dry food available all day, but as the days winds down, it is time for the wet stuff. I give them six, three ounce cans of various varieties of Pro Plan and Fancy Feast with the feeding station being set up in the master bath.

Clever creatures that they are, they soon learned that I then headed to the kitchen where I prepared dinner for Feral Kitty. They found that if they whined and begged, I would give them an additional can of food just to shut them up, so that I could get Feral Kitty’s dinner to him. He gets two 5.5 ounce cans plus dry food.

One day I decided to quit putting the expensive stuff out in the kitchen for my inside guys. It was getting out of hand expense wise. So, I plopped down Flaked Tuna and Cheese, went and fed Feral Kitty and then was on my way. The next day I noticed that the little inside guys had eaten ALL the 9 Lives I had given them. It was a big AHA for me. They are not so picky as I thought. They took like this Tuna with cheese. For a long time, I bouught them Albacore tuna when it went on sale at the grocery store for 10 for $10. They got tired of it. But, the would eat the 9 lives. I was astounded. So, I have kept my Feral Kitty quite happy with his favorite Tuna with cheese. Plus, I am now saving a bit by giving the more inexpensive 9 lives to the inside kitters. Everyone likes it!!

So, Flaked Tuna with cheese comes highly recommended by Trinity, Gabriella, Wisdom, Mercy, and FERAL KITTY….and me. Hope your less choosy, or tired of the rich stuff, cats will enjoy this alone with mine!

CarloPortsmouth, OH

My cats voted for this catfood.

I have not had a chance to check the BPA content of these cans, or check out the additives with Health Ranger Mike Adams’ published web list, but at least my cats will eat this product. They like the texture, smell and taste better than most of the other brands I have tried. Finicky as they are, I do try to vary the types, but this one seems to be lasting a little. The only other one that did was the Natural Value Tuna with albacore or crab, also handled by Amazon.
UlrikeFarmingdale, NY

My finicky cat’s favorite

My 19 year old cat eats both hard food and canned food and 9-Lives Select Tuna with Cheese Bits is the one canned food brand that she never tires of. First she licks the juices out and then returns to finish the solids. Unfortunately, both Petco and Petsmart stopped carrying these Del Monte 4-pack brands and I was unable to find this in the major nearby grocery stores as they must have given up their shelf space to higher profit-margin labels. I was happy to see this product available on amazon.com and order 3 cases about every 2 months. With the reasonable selling price and speedy delivery my cat is happy too.
MilagrosWest Cornwall, CT