9Lives Tender Morsels Wet Canned Cat Food

Indulge your cat with every irresistible bite of 9Lives Tender Morsels With Real Flaked Tuna & Egg Bits In Sauce cat food. It’s a delicious meal of real flaked tuna and egg bits smothered in savory sauce for the taste they love and the nutrition they need for a long, healthy life.

Quick facts

  • Contains 24 – 5.5 oz cans
  • 100% complete nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance
  • Made with real tuna and egg bits
  • Tender flaked texture
  • New look, same great taste

Top reviews

Gave my cat immediate diarrhea.

Sorry folks. My healthy (regularly vet-checked) indoor-only Himalayan gives this food a definite thumbs-down. She ate it happily enough but it was Apparently too rich (or something) for her. She had extreme diarrhea as a result of eating just two teaspoons of this food. It was so bad we had to wash her rear end to get it all off. I’ll be donating the rest to a shelter and hope other kitties fare better with it. We’ll stick to her regular fish-variety Petite Cuisine and Fancy Feast Appetizers.
AlenaBakersville, NC

Note: NO pop-top

My monsters LOVE these super-fishy flavors, but this one doesn’t come with pop-tops. Since my Tripod eats upstairs, getting an extra can opener, while not the end of the world, was a necessity. I’d have liked to have known that when I made the order.
NikiSoper, OK

Very fishy food

My cats have been eating this food for at least six years and they love it. I buy both tuna with egg and tuna with cheese and these are their two favorites. I have my cats checked out at the vet annually and they have always been very healthy. One of my cats, rescued from shelter, was never introduced to “wet” food as a kitten and only drinks sauce from cans with chunks of meat or fish – since this is shredded tuna, he eats this food without problems. I have been buying this cat food for years and will continue buying it.
DoriDawson, PA

Great Product and Service!

My cats love 9-Lives tuna, even though we buy them more expensive canned foods, whenever we give them 9-Lives tuna, they just go crazy! Recently, I have had trouble finding it at Wal Mart or even Pets Mart, so when I found it on Amazon, with their special subscription prices and service, I was thrilled and relieved. Thanks so much, Amazon, for keeping this product on hand.
YoungFlorence, WI