A Starter Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree – NEW, Cute, Cool, Very Dwarf Upright Mame Bonsai

A very dwarf in size Shimpaku juniper bonsai tree crafted with decorative rock and specially grown fern moss for anyone, especially those who wishes to for his/her first bonsai tree. Although trained in a small pot, this tree has big aspirations and all the traits and beauty of it’s full-sized siblings. This juniper tree has fresh green needles throughout the year and requires only minimal care. Other than the Japanese juniper, the Shimpaku juniper is originated in the Far East countries like China, Japan and Korea. Its evergreen feature shows the intrinsic beauty of nature. Unlike other mass produced products provided by some nurseries, we DO NOT stick a tree into a bonsai pot and call it bonsai. We select only the most full and healthy trees, and shape and nurture them to reach a weathered and mature appearance and style, and then we transfer them to the selected pots that matches the trees. They are a labor of love and a treasure sure to bring you many years of enjoyment. Comes with a care instruction sheet, a fund reading short essay titled “The Little Myth of Miniature Bonsai” – copyrighted, organic foods, and glass humidity tray. This is a product of Nature’s Highlight, and has a company UPC code. Upon receiving the product, we urge all customers to check the product source, contents, and its documentation for the authenticity of the product. If you believe you receive a fraudulent product, please report to us or Amazon immediately. Happy shopping!

Quick facts

  • New, Unique, Cool, Cute, Easy Care.
  • Shimpaku Upright (style) Juniper Mame (mini) Bonsai with Decorative Rock and Fresh Fern Moss.
  • Sitting in A Mini (only one and a quarter inch tall and three inches wide) Blue Rectangular Bonsai Container as shown in The Product Pictures.
  • Handcrafted by and Shipped Directly from Bonsai Etc. Nursery (Expedite Shipping takes only 3-5 business days to arrive; Standard Shipping takes 5-7 business days to deliver – e.g. Order with Expedite Shipping by Dec 18 or use Standard Shipping by Dec 16 to receive by Christmas).
  • Come with A Juniper Bonsai Instruction Sheet and Copyrighted Short Essay Titled “The Little Myth of Miniature Bonsai” by Bonsai Etc., Organic Bonsai Foods, and Glass Humidity Tray.

Top reviews

Great item! Better than expected!

I bought this for my boyfriend and had it sent to his house. He says it came in so much packaging that he had trouble getting it out! (Which is a good thing, meaning it is well-protected during shipping.) When I came over and saw it, I had expected some little twig in some ugly pot. To my pleasant surprise, it was a beautiful, bushy, adult-looking tree in a pretty blue pot complete with moss, some small plant, and a rock! The pot came with a dish and white stones for underneath — it looks like a work of art! The tree came with tweezers and bonsai food and I don’t know what else (since my boyfriend received it). I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in having (or giving) a cute little tree for your or someone else’s home/office/whatever. It’s adorable!
SebrinaCaulfield, MO

Perfect Bonsai Tree. Sheryls nursery includes everything you need to help you with the tree. Great seller and great product.

Simply a great bonsai tree I highly recommend and Sheryl nursery is the best. Buyer can feel great about buying from them.
DomingaFordsville, KY


my plant came in a timely manner and looks just like the picture. it really is quite tiny and i love it! definitely reccomend this company and plant as well! great job and quick responses to questions.
VerniaOrleans, NE

neat little tree

I ordered both this one and the azalea from tabletop bonsai, and they’re both really cute little trees. It arrived in great shape, with all the included items, blue pot with white gravel for the drip tray, and small gravels on top. Would probably make a cool gift for anyone remotely interested in plants.
AlvaWest Warren, MA

Exactly as Stated 🙂

The tree was packaged very well. The pot it came in was not the same as the picture but I believe it stated that they would vary in the description. But it was still a very nice pot and overall a great buy.
GiselaEntiat, WA

Great, Cute, Little Tree

My tree came very quickly and was packaged very tightly so it arrived in perfect condition. I have had it for about 2 weeks and it has really opened up and looks great. It comes with starter instructions that were an easy way to start with my new bonsai.
WinnifredTamarack, MN

Beware before you buy

It does not look like the picture and in my case it died very quickly. I gave up on bonsai after that.
PansyHecker, IL

Great starter Bonsai Tree

I received the starter Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai tree for Christmas. It was well packed, filled with peanut foams. The bottom of the tree was shrink wrapped. Healthy looking tree, at first I was not sure it is a live tree. The tree came with small folding scissors, round and clear tray, small white rocks and tree food. The tree I received is as described planted with a rock and moss.
LaiWhite Oak, TX

Great little juniper bonsai!

This is the first bonsai I have had shipped to me and I was quite suprised. The shipping was very quick. The tree arrived looking healthy and the soil still damp. It did have some spider mites on it, but that is a quick fix. The tree and pot’s quality is even better than I expected. It even includes a glass humidity tray, bonsai food and tweezers. This is a great bargain considering what all you get. I highly recommend!
TakishaAccident, MD