A Taste of Thai Curry Paste, Red, 2-Pound 3-Ounce Tub

Red Curry Paste Thai chilies, garlic, lemon grass, galanga ginger and kaffir lime give this popular item fantastic and versatile flavor. Great for meat, poultry, vegetables, or fish.

Quick facts

  • A taste of Thai red curry paste, 35 ounce tub
  • Gluten free, no preservatives, no trans fats, no msg
  • Product of Thailand
  • Red Curry Paste Thai chilies, garlic, lemon grass, galanga ginger and kaffir lime give this popular item fantastic and versatile flavor
  • Great for meat, poultry, vegetables, or fish

Top reviews

Would buy over and over again.

I have made and perfected to my liking my red curry using this paste. 1 can of coconut milk and 1 heaping and not overly loaded tablespoon of red curry will give a very good kick without being to spicy to taste your food.
Using a wok I put 1 can of coconut milk with 1 tablespoon of red curry and bring to boil stering till it thickens a bit. I do not recommend fish sauce since it makes curry taste fishy and not slightly peanuty. I do like seafood and buy smoked salmon often. But this fish sauce doesn’t belong in this dish-trust me. Less is better with this curry. So, thicken your sauce add little palm sugar and sea or kosher salt to taste. Taste it to make sure you like it. It should be spicy, sweet and slightly peanuty.
Now add shopped carrots, sliced (thick) bell peppers, asparagus or french green beans,sugar snow peas, onion cut thick, garlic cut in halfs and chopped mushrooms(small). Last time I added to my vegetables half cut of small cuts of fresh pineapple and it was wonderful. Give a good stir and cook till vegetables half cooked then add shrimp and cook it all till shrimp is done to your liking. If you put shrimps with vegetables shrimp will get overcooked and will be small and rubbery. I put raw 31-40 raw from Costco shrimp and it is perfect. Chicken thighs from Costco are very juicy as well but you would want to slice them 1/4″ and cook with your vegetables at the same time. Thicken sauce just a little at the end and serve over Jasmine rice. Hope you’ll like my version of red curry.
JackGreens Farms, CT

Better than Thai Kitchen

I make my own Indian curry from scracth in a mortar and pestel. I buy Chinese, Korean and Thai curry. Thai Kitchen used to have a good red and green Thai curry but something has changed for the worse. Now there is almost no heat or flavor — it’s just salty and not even hot.

A Taste of Thai Red Curry packs a punch and is very flavorful. A far superior product to Thai Kitchen’s competitive products. Thai cooking is super easy with a few ingredients:
1) Peanut (or vegetable oil)
2) Red Curry to taste
3) Coconut Milk (I use Lite)
4) Protein(tofu, meat, seafood, etc.)
5) Vegetables (carrots, string beans, etc.)
6) Basil and/or cilantro
7) Vietnamese fish sauce (you need this!)

Stir-fry oil, curry, protein(s) and vegetables until just cooked. Add coconut milk and fish sauce heating quickly. Serve immediately and garnish with basil/cilantro. You’ll think that you’re at you favorite Thai restarant.

ReggieCoolville, OH

Our fave curry paste!

We purchased Taste of Thai Red/Green/yellow curry pastes as well as the Pad Thai sauce. They are beyond excellent. Worth every cent, and the bucket sizes are incredibly economical.
CarryQuartzsite, AZ

Great Taste

This curry paste has a geat taste, we use it in soups, stir fries, vegetable dishes and anything you would like to add some extra zing to.
GarnetMaple Falls, WA