ABC Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce

This sweet soy sauce is used in Indonesian cooking as a seasoning and condiment. It is ideal for steaks, barbeque, fried rice, and marinades.

Quick facts

  • Net Wt. 21.1 fl. oz.
  • Product of Indonesia

Top reviews

haste makes waste!

I needed some Indonesian sweet soy sauce in a hurry, so decided to order this product. Bad idea! I should’ve just made some- it’s quite easy (with little active time & easy to find ingredients) to make Indonesian sweet soy sauce and so much better tasting. This is going down the drain as soon as I make a batch of the good stuff!
VernettaGrand Portage, MN

The Real Deal

Having spent 20 years working on the Pacific Rim I can state that Indonesian fried rice is far and away the best fried rice that you can get. In most places fried rice is just a way to use up leftovers. In Indonsia fried rice is an art form called Nasi Goreng. Nasi=Rice Goreng=Fried Istimewa=Special which means that there is a fried egg on top. Nasi goreng istimewa is usually served with Satay which is BBQ’d meat on a stick. The ABC brand Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce) is a key ingredient in the fried rice. It is also the BBQ sauce that is used to make the Satay. This is wonderful stuff and is a common table item in Indonesia. It is a fine addition to many meats and vegetables either during the cooking stage or added at the table.
BradCoram, NY


I originally bought this sauce to use in a Dutch/Indonesian “fusion” dish, but am now using it in stir-fries, rice dishes, etc. We actually prefer its subtle sweetness to ordinary soy sauce. Although the bottle is huge, the sauce keeps well in the fridge, and you’ll find lots of ways to use it in Asian as well as non-Asian dishes.
SheritaDurbin, WV

Delicious Deal

Great deal and super well packaged. If you like a sweet condiment then this might be the perfect change of pace
from the standard tomatoe based ketcup. Just remember, it is sweet and it is sticky. It may not substitute for
American ketchup for everything but it is a great addition to salmon, potatoes, sticky rice (yum)… Just experiment
with it, a little goes a very long way.
GwendolynHollins, AL

Delicious sauce!

Product arrived promptly. I love Amazon Prime…Used this sauce in my Indonesian Pork Fried Rice recipe that night and it was the winning ingredient. No supermarket in my area carried this product and I probably could have gotten it at one of the Asian markets in the city, but ordering it seemed a sure thing. The bottle is huge; I will have to will it to my children upon my demise as I will never use it up, hence the 4 star rating. It really is very good, much sweeter and thicker than regular soy sauce. If a recipe calls for this ingredient, get it and don’t substitute soy sauce…the taste and texture is very different.
SammyElbert, CO


I’ve gone through so much of this giant bottle already! I love adding it to my instant Indonesian noodles, super delicious!
CarminaDuarte, CA