Acacia Honey by Dr Pescia – 17.5oz Jar

A wonderfully sweet honey, our Acasia Honey by Dr Pescia is producted by the nectar of a national park in northeast Tuscany. A lovely, golden honey, it is extremely floral, and is wonderful drizzled on pastries or French toast. It also makes a wonderful glaze for game and poultry, and of course, is absolutely wonderful in a cup of tea!

Quick facts

  • Acacia Honey by Dr Pescia.
  • From a national park in northeast Tuscany.
  • Extremely floral liquid honey.
  • Imported from Italy.
  • 1- 17.5 oz jar.

Top reviews

Superb Acacia Honey

I’m almost 80 and from the age of 7 when I first worked with my uncle and his beehives in south Texas to many years sampling many types of honeys, I have never had a honey as subtle and flavorful as Dr. Pescia’s Miele de Acacia (Acacia Honey). The man is a true artisan specializing in Italina Truscan honeys. Not cheap, but well worth the price. I don’t do many product reviews, but this man deserves to be recognized for his efforts.Acacia Honey by Dr Pescia – 17.5oz JarDr. Pescia Sunflower Honey 17.5 oz
JustaHerod, IL

The best honey I can find

If you like Acacia honey, you will like this honey. Acacia honey is a light flavor. I was getting very disappointed that Meeks honey has been getting darker and darker. They have lots of dark Meeks honeys for sale, but no light honey. I think Acacia honey has to come from Italy. I used to buy another brand of Acacia honey in a gourmet shop, but they stopped carrying it years ago. So, this stuff is really the best. Once you get spoiled by Acacia honey you won’t want to go back to dark honeys. Clover Honey is ok, but kind of bland compared to Acacia honey.
CindieDryden, TX

Hard to find product from Italy

My friend fell in love with Italian honey on a summer visit. This is just the right size to give someone for a small gift or stocking stuffer. It is a bit expensive, but worth it for the right person.
PattiRocky Hill, CT