Accoutrements Candy – Killer Bees

Bee shaped, honey flavor hard candy. Comes in a bee shaped tin.

Quick facts

  • Bee shaped candy
  • Natural honey flavor

Top reviews

tiny tiny candy with a terrible shipping cost

I could not believe the shipping on this tiny candy, but thinking that they were as large or larger than the image on the screen, and since they were perfect for my event theme, I bit the bullet and ordered 8 tins. The shipping came to almost $25. When they arrived, the box that held these tiny tins (1 1/2 by 2 inches at most and 3/8 inch deep) was about 4×5 inches. To top it off, the only tin I’ve opened is short 2 candies and 2 are broken. These are a rip off. There should be a shipping discount for ordering multiple tins. The candies themselves are so tiny and the taste is nothing special…. Look elsewhere if you need candy bees.
WilletteMound City, IL