ACTIVATE Pure Water + Electrolytes, 33.8- Ounce Bottles

After finding that vitamins and other healthy ingredients lose potencty sitting in water, we went out and found a way to stop drowing the vitamins in drinks. By storing the active ingredients inside our unique, patented cap, separate from the water ACTIVATE’s vitamins stay fresh, potent and offere a convenient way to get a healthy dose of nutrients your body needs.

Quick facts

  • Key Ingredients: Through our unique deionization filtering process, we remove minerals that contain impurities and then add sodium-free electrolytes
  • Key Ingredient: Pure water infused with a blend of sodium-free electrolytes

Top reviews

finally a great water thats good for you..

I own a wellness center, and work with alot of clients to eat right work out
get your vitamins, and eat for nutrition, last week when i found these
at stater bros, in so-cal i was so happy, i bought the whole bunch of them,
the only problem is i am going to have to drive around town to find some
more,..i can order them on amazon which is great but i dont want all of the
same kind,..please let us get all the flavors when we order a group of them,

thank you so much :)) again..
[ASIN:B0039LY7JW Activate Drinks Energy Immunity Orange, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)]]
This is my favorite one to wake up too..
no more coffe for me,.nows its your waters, or tea’s if i cant get your waters..

TarahSlayden, TN