Adams & Brooks Coffee Rio Sugar Free Original, 2 lb Bag in a BlackTie Box

About This BlackTie Box: Introducing the BlackTie Box by Black Tie Mercantile, the first and only gift-ready packaging system designed for the unique challenges of E-Commerce. Whether you choose to ship directly to a recipient or to yourself, your item is guaranteed to arrive exactly as described and photographed. Since 1932, Adams & Brooks has produced deliciously distinctive candy products with a commitment to creating differentiated products through proprietary manufacturing processes and quality packaging. Lovingly crafted from pure premium ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavors, you’ll enjoy your Coffee Rio break anytime, anyplace. Now get a BlackTie Box for any occasion featuring one 2 lb bag of Adams & Brooks Coffee Rio Sugar Free Original.

Quick facts

  • Includes one 2 lb bag of Adams & Brooks Coffee Rio Sugar Free Original
  • Sugar Free, Preservative Free, Artificial Flavor Free
  • Orthodox Union Kosher Dairy
  • Made in the USA
  • In a BlackTie Box

Top reviews

Slightly fewer calories–much less flavor

These are for people that cannot tolerate sugar. They are not low cal, just slightly lower cal. The regular Coffee Rio Original Coffee Caramels made with sugar average 15 calories per piece or 60 calories per 17.3 grams, which is 4 pieces. The sugar free version averages 12.5 calories per piece or 50 calories per 16.5 grams, which about 4 pieces. Thatt’s 20% fewer calories per piece.

They are slightly softer as the regular Rios and much less sweet and much less flavorful. In terms of flovaor, there is no comparison — the regular are rich; the sugarfree are bland, emphasis on the “bla”. Eating these is a big sacrifice for 20% fewer calories. If you want to reduce caloric intake, the if you can work up the discipline to skip one piece for every 4 you eat, you total enjoyment might be much greater with the 20% fewer calories.

They are made with real coffee and milk and Splenda sweetener, and other things.

If you have partial fillings or crowns or braces, etc. you will want to avoid chewing these even though the are sotftler than the sugared version.

For more general review on the Rio coffee candy, se my review of Coffee Rio Original Coffee Caramels.

AvaAberdeen, KY