Addiction Pet Foods Fig’licious Venison Feast Dog Food

The Finest Venison Topped with succulent Figs and a hearty serving of Carrots and Potatoes. Packed with over 45-Percent Venison Meat.

Quick facts

  • High in Protein, Low in Fat
  • With Figs rich in Antioxidants and Fiber
  • Premium Protein Alternative to Chicken, Beef and Lamb

Top reviews

My puppy loves it and no allergy!

My puppy had very loos poops and lots of horrible gas. I tried W illness puppy food(dry and can), orijin puppy food, and blue buffalo. All poops were loos and Willness puppy canned food made her really horrible gas all the time. Evo can food seemed made her poop better and no gas, but she does not like the taste and she pushed the food by her nose and not eat the food until she gets really hungry.

I tried Addiction Raw Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food, Fig’licious Venison Feast for all age. She loved it and ate all very quickly, and no gas and poop formed well. She has very good energy level too. I am very happy about this product. It is bit pricey, but having a good nutrition for the puppy is worth for all her life. So I am ok for that! I recommend who has a puppy or doggy have allergy!

TwanaVelva, ND

Cured dogs food allergies

My shih- tzu has terrible food allergies. This is the only food I have found with a protein she can eat. Also, does not have too many ingredients, such as flax, peas etc. that she is allergic to. MUST introduce this very, very, slowly. As in one teaspoon at a time( over a four week period) Oherwise, dog will have diarrhea and vomiting as with any new food. Very easy to serve, my dog loves it and it does not smell or look bad. Love this product.
DawneBennett, CO

well, my dogs had diarrhea.

My dogs did not like the food particularly, and they had diarrhea after having this food. Not sure how it works out for you but I will definitely try other food instead. Amazon was kind enough to take care of the issue.
AlyceStroudsburg, PA