Adolphs Unseasoned Tenderizer, No MSG, 44.5 oz

Great for tenderizing meat! Perfect on beef, pork or poultry. Draw out the flavor in your family’s favorite home-cooked meals with Adolph’s Original, all natural tenderizer.

Quick facts

  • No MSG
  • Unseasoned
  • Institutional size

Top reviews

My VET Also Recommend this for my dog

My VET recommend this for my dog so he doesn’t eat his own poop. I’ll be trying it soon and updating this posting right after it works or fails. But it should work and it is cheaper than the little packets they sell at the pet store.
AnthonySparrow Bush, NY

Dog Poo

I sprinkle this on my dogs food to keep him from eating his own poo. It works like a charm. 2 Thumbs up for Adolf’s. Now I can shamelessly snuggle with my dog once again.
SuzetteUtuado, PR

salty “unseasoned” tenderizer

I took the name “Adolph’s Unseasoned Tenderizer” at face value and ruined a dish by sprinkling this tenderizer on the chicken plus salting it prior to cooking. When I couldn’t understand why it was so salty, I read Adolph’s ingredients for “Unseasoned” and found out that salt was ONE of the seasonings included in the “Unseasoned” tenderizer. At least it didn’t have MSG, but it doesn’t deserve the name “Unseasoned.” Read first or prepare to ruin your food!
CaroylnTybee Island, GA

Probably works well for meat but…

I decided to give this a shot after a friend suggested that we try Adolph’s on our dogs’ food because they eat their poop. Disgusting, I know, and we’re at our wits end. Other reviewers said it worked for them, so I placed the order. Sadly, all of our dogs are still eating poop. We don’t just have one dog to test it on either, we have five…yes five. It didn’t work for any of them.

This being said, I don’t want to say it doesn’t work for its intended purpose, to tenderize meat. We just didn’t use it for that.

If you’re buying it to try to keep your dogs from eating their own feces, I’d shy away from it.

WayneNazlini, AZ

Mostly overpriced filler, little tenderizer

Very little tenderizer in the tenderizer.
Read the ingredients, which are deliberately not shown here.
“Salt, Sugar and corn starch” are the main ingredients.
The bromelain, the actual tenderizer? Is the smallest component of all the ingredients, less of it than each of the other cheap filler you are paying 50X the real price for.
BrittCataumet, MA

doesn’t work

Many years ago a restaurant-owner said his secret to being able to serve such tender low-cost steak was the use of a tenderizer. A tenderizer that worked like a charm came on the market shortly after that. You sprinkled it on the meat and blended it in with fork tines about thirty minutes before you cooked the meat. Today’s tenderizer (Adolph’s) is supposed to work immediately by just sprinkling it on. Not. sorry. Maybe it’s the new cuts of meat with much less fat on, but it just doesn’t work.
ClarenceRichgrove, CA

Awesome Price – Awesome Product

This is an absolute MUST HAVE item in any kitchen! I can not live without it. Adolph’s Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer is the best you can use, in my opinion. No MSG, and I have never found a better working product.
LillaWalker, MO

Finding Adolph

After many months of looking for a large containter of Adolph’s meat tenderizer, I finally gave up and went to the net. The price was right, the delivery was timely and I’ll probably be back when the bottle is gone. Adolph’s makes all types of meat much better.
GeorgiaAlma Center, WI

Good stuff

What can I say…it’s a meat tenderizer.
Excellent price for the size.
Good service, was delivered quickly.
KrisEltopia, WA

Adolph’s Unseasoned Tenderizer – 44.5oz

What can you say about Adolphs products. As a chef it’s the only one I use. Other are not of the same quality. Products was sent quickly ..Very Satisfied
NevilleMonhegan, ME

adolphs for the dogs……

My daughter lives in St. Thomas, USVI….she has six dogs (3 are Greyhounds…rescued from racing in mexico) the dogs have a problem with eating poop…the Vet recommended the use of Adolphs meat tenderizer in each dogs diet. Living in a third world area as is St.Thomas many items are not available or costs are so outrageous that’s why I ordered from Amazon…..It was well worth the money as the Vet was right, Adolphs will cure your dogs from that unacceptable habit. Thank you…J Johnson
JenelleWoodbine, KY

Have used it (and loved it) for years

I have had a big jug of Adolph’s for years and put it on all the meat that I cook. It’s also good as a paste to put on jellyfish and bee stings. I’m just now running out and am SO GLAD to find this big jug on Love Adolph’s and love Amazon!!
SudieCornish, ME