Adult Bite Size Dry Dog Food

SPORTMiX Bite Size is 100% complete and balanced food for all life stages.

Quick facts

  • Great formula for normally active dogs in all life stages
  • Small bite-size kibble
  • Naturally preserved
  • 100% guaranteed

Top reviews

Great dog food

Our dog loves this food! The bite size pieces are pretty small but that works out well for him because he doesn’t really chew the food…he pretty much just swallows it whole. Great buy.
ElfredaXenia, IL

Big surprise!

I did not expect much when I got this food. 40 pounds for the price left me a reason to believe that something is wrong with the product. Well hey, I got this huge back, which was delivered right to my door, so I didn’t have to move something heavy like this upstairs (sorry, delivery guy, I bet you cussed a couple of times using those stairs). I have two puppies – min pin and toy fox, and those little gluttons are chewing this food up like there is no tomorrow. Every time I check the bowl it is empty. Considering the fact that those spoiled rotten creatures are picky and will better starve than eat food they do not like, I am happy as long as my babies are happy.
DeloresLlano, TX

my yorkiepoo ate it like a treat… we mixed it with his pedigree

my yorkiepoo ate it like a treat… we mixed it with his pedigree to transition him on the new food. Haven’t seen any changes in his bowels as of yet. I was initially worried about his kidney, based on another review since he’s a small dog. If anything changes I will update it here.
ArieCapitan, NM