African Hot Sauce – 5 OZ

Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Sauce – Mild.- The perfect warm and spicy blend for creative and easy cooking. This is a kinder, gentler formula.

Quick facts

  • 5 Ounces Liquid
  • Serving Size:

Top reviews

Awful tasting hot sauce

I bought this hot sauce because it was salt free and I was trying to eliminate as much salt as possible from my diet. This was the worst tasting hot sauce I have ever had in my life. Now I know it is not going to taste like regular hot sauce but I didn’t think that it would actually make the food taste worse.

I am sorry but I would not recommend this hot sauce at all.

DaronMonroe, WA


This is the only hot sauce you’ll ever need. Add to eggs, meat, etc. No need for salt anymore. I cannot find it in most supermarkets.
StevieNewcastle, ME

The best hot saoce I have ever tried

This sauce has a rich flavor, without salt, and it adds great interest to anything I have added it, whether on the food already on the plate, or during cooking/ preparing of the food…
Since I am watching my salt consumption I love this one very much and use it often with many meats, salads, sea foods, hummus, eggs etc, and it adds so much.
The sauce Try is once and you will be hooked, the taste is not a “killer” hot which makes it very edible with a verity of foods.
This is my favorite.
ArthurRaymond, KS

Awesome sauce

Awesome sauce for chilli’s or soup – adds heat and does not kill flavor.

This hot sauce formula has changed over the years – it used to be A LOT hotter. It is still a great hot sauce with great flavor. Do not worry about it being too hot, it no longer is as powerful as it once was.

MartaLerona, WV