After Eight Dinner Mints, 7.05 oz box

After Eight Dinner Mints, 7.05 oz box

Quick facts

  • Makeup – Clarins – Rouge Prodige True Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick – 113 Mystic Plum 3g/0.1oz

Top reviews

Why did they add gelatin?!!!

This was my favorite candy for many years. It was heaven in a square. Then some idiot at Nestle decided to put cow hoofs in it (also known as gelatin). As soon as Nestle makes it vegan again, I will start buying it in bulk.
DamionZap, ND

Not satisfied

Since I could not find my favorite After dinner chocolate in this area and the company could not find any stores in this area I ordered it from the Web. Sadly, the chocolate pieces were sticking to the individual wrappers; apparently it had melted somewhere while on a shelf. Since product, together with shipping charges, was expensive I will not order again
LeanneMead, CO


Thanks for the warning on the changes made by Nestles. One by one my favorite foods are being bought by foreign conglomerates. In the case of Nestles Switzerland restricts foreign ownership and to my mind there should be a quid pro quo and countries should ban Swiss companies buying up their companies. Rowntree was a successful company so it was not an issue of them struggling to survive.
ShellyTremont, MS