Ahmad Tea 454g Loose Imperial Blend Tea

Pack of 3 Ahmad Imperial Blend Tea

Quick facts

  • – Ahmad of London
  • – Pack of 3 Imperial Blend
  • – Loose tea

Top reviews

Not a real tea

Herbal additives in this blend destroy real tea taste. It is only for people who like herbal taste. I don’t.
AntonOtis, OR

Best tea ever!

This is an excellent tea. One of the best I have ever had. It is especially great when you prepare it with a samovar.
CelinaMadrid, IA

Ahmad Loose Imperial Blend Tea is great for the price

A friend who’d been drinking tea for 80 of his 84 years introduced me to this tea a few months ago. Even took me over to the store and bought me a pound. At $7/lb. in a retail store or a little over $9 with shipping from an online merchant, I think it’s great. I’ve been drinking Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Lapsang Souchong, Assam, etc. Most of them were over $30/lb. with shipping. Aside from the Lapsang Souchong, I think this is a great replacement for all the rest. Has everything I’m looking for in a strong, full-bodied black tea with enough character to keep it from becoming boring. My current favorite afternoon tea. Unless you’re extremely jaded or a tea snob, you’ll love it.
WesleyBraceville, IL

Nice tea

I love strong, full bodied quality tea and typically drink assam, irish breakfast or early grey tea, but as the other reviewer noted the price per pound can be discouraging. So I have been searching for a quality full bodied tea that wasn’t bitter at a more palatable price point, and this certainly fits the bill. And unlike some other teas where they tend to be better in one form or another, i.e. iced vs. hot, this tea is excellent in both forms. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who prefers that smooth full bodied quality tea that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.
RenayPort Jervis, NY

A fragrant tea

I drink this tea plain (without sugar or milk), and it has a pleasant aroma.

The price from Amazon is cheaper than my local grocery store. One reviewer is right, I think it has some herbal smell to make up the aroma. So the label “Imperial Blend” kind of implied the herb.

I am not exactly a black tea drinker, so this tea is a surprise, and affordable too. I usually prefer White Chinese tea, like White Peony, but it is more expensive, and requires lower temperature water. But this is black tea, and this aroma kind of remind me the ‘softness’ of white tea.

ClaytonLaporte, CO

Best Ahmad Tea

I’ve tried a variety of Ahmad tea. Not because I particularly like this brand, but they are just easier to come across. The Imperial blend, I believe, is the most complex yet well balanced of all the ones I’ve tried. It’s full body like a good cup of Assam, which by no means overpower the delightful, clean taste of Darjeerling, complete with a long lasting note of bergamot. I enjoy it best in the evening. It gives a satisfying and relaxing finish to a busy day.

For those interested in the specifics: I use about 3 teaspoons of lose tea in a stainless steel infuser in a 16 oz mug, let it steep in 208F water for 2-3 min, take the infuser out, and drink it without sugar or milk to savor its sophistication.

MargareteWatson, AL

My favorite tea

I have tried literally dozens of teas since being introduced to the Russian custom of preparing and drinking tea, and the Ahmad Imperial blend is probably my favorite of all of these due to the fact that it is equally delicious hot or iced. I buy the three-packs as needed from Amazon and go through them rapidly. My family loves it and my friends have it in their homes now too, try one box of it and you will love it too.
EthanShasta, CA