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Ahmad Earl Grey Tea ~ The Most Exquisite Earl Grey I’ve Ever Tasted

I first came across Ahmad Earl Grey Tea a number of years ago, while I was visiting a friend who lives out in Seaford, Long Island (NY). I was waiting for her to meet me in a mall, there, & I just happened into a Mideastern grocery-deli to browse and look at the great variety of exotic foods & spices they had for sale.

By & by, I started getting thirsty & asked the shopkeeper whether he had cups of hot tea for sale. He showed me the varieties of tea they had & I chose Ahmad Earl Grey Tea, since Earl Grey has been my favorite ever since I was introduced to it back in the late ’70s by an English friend of mine, who would prepare it with milk or cream & sugar or honey.

Well, I had had excellent cups of Earl Grey tea in the past — Twinings, Bigelow, Island-Rose & others — but nothing I had previously tasted had fully prepared me for the sublimely fragrant, yet delicate & nuanced bouquet of aroma & flavor that literally “took me by surprise” upon my first sip of Ahmad Earl Grey Tea… aroma & flavor that was not just a simple one-dimensional taste but one that seemed to unfold as you drank it, revealing delightfully unexpected subtleties, layers & shades of enchantingly fragrant aromas & flavors.

Surprisingly, the high quality of the tea leaves & the bergamot used to impart the flavor were clearly distinguishable to me in the tea’s unmistakably delightful yet delicate aroma, not only when opening the box of 100 tea bags, or the individual envelopes containing the bags of tea… but quite detectable, in the tea bag itself, even after having made a cup of tea or two, making me wonder whether they might have discovered some very effective, secret manner of infusing the bergamot aroma into the tea leaves, or the tea bag, such that the aroma didn’t dissipate after having made a cup of tea, or even while standing on the shelf of the grocery, as I’ve noticed sometimes happens with lesser grades of Earl Grey tea.

In any event, after such an incomparable experience with Ahmad Earl Grey Tea, it is the only Earl Grey tea that I choose to drink, unless I happen to be out somewhere where it is, unfortunately, not available.

It is at such times that I am so appreciative to have come across Ahmad Earl Grey Tea.

Though I’ve often purchased it at Mideastern food markets, for instance in Astoria, Queens, where it is readily available at rock-bottom prices & fresh from the importers, nevertheless, for those of you who are too far away to do so, the fact that it is available here on Amazon.com is already quite a boon, especially if you order a number of packages of it to lessen the impact of the shipping charges, though, if you already have amazon Prime, that will be a boon as far as shipping charges are concerned.

If you do order Ahmad Earl Grey Tea & try it, I’m quite sure that you’ll find that it soon becomes for you, as it has for me, “a most exquisite delight, definitely not to be missed!”

JosefineDuck Hill, MS